The natural disaster that I choose is a monsoon.

A monsoon is a giant like sea breeze. A normal sea breeze changes daily, with a day to night change of land temperature. Monsoons change seasonally. In the Summer the land is warmer than the ocean, causing air to rise over the land and air to blow in from the ocean to fill the void left by the air that rose. The bad thing about the rising air is that it leads to cloud formation and precipitation. The monsoon clouds that form are full of moisture from the ocean, they can produce heavy rainfall for long periods of time. Overall, because the land stays warmer than the ocean for most of the summer and the ocean is a body of water that creates moisture for the clouds, the heavy rains last for months at a time. The monsoon climate is marked by winters and summers.

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About one fourth of the globe experiences a monsoon climate.          Monsoons are not a good thing to the planet. They bring in so much rain that many farmers fields flood causing all their crop to be completely run off and ruined. Drains in the streets can not cope and the streets remain flooded for days causing roads to be closed, without open streets people can not get to work or so school.

Houses, schools, and other important building are swept away by flooding and landslides causing many people to be homeless and financially unstable. Streets are often filled with trash from the remains of things that had be damaged by the storm. And last but not least, many methods of transport are destroyed or can’t work.          The most current monsoon was this year and it had taken place in India. The rainfall of the monsoon was below average of the regular rainfall. The monsoon rates were 95 percent of the long term average compared with India meteorological department.

The monsoon delivered about 70 percent of India’s annual rainfall. The rice output is expected to be down about two percent compared last years, soybean output could fall to about eight percent. This rice and soybean output is going to impact the farmers revenue of the year causing them to make less money than they expected to make.


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