The morality and legality of abortion remains a controversial, pertinent subject world all over. With some countries legalizing it, the great question is, should abortion be allowed? Regardless of the perspective viewed from, abortion is unethical, unhealthy, and utterly unacceptable. Abortion is killing, it is murder, and now that a human being cannot give life; he or she should not take it away. Why should we be politically correct while we can be correct? As aforementioned, abortion is killing and no one should think in those lines. Forgetting about the dead foetus, the trauma that comes with abortion is unbearable. It is better to be physically sick than to be psychologically sick. A research by Ekanem, Etuk, Ekabua and Iklaki (2009), indicates, “Abortion still contributes significantly to high maternal morbidity and mortality” (p. 374).

People have come out in the past to confess the untold life-lasting trauma that they have to face daily because of an abortion they had many years ago. The most worrying trend is that many people carry abortion unsafely because they fear what people will say about it. This leads to grave medical consequences like infertility and cancer. In her work, Colker (1992) posits that, “abortion is not a question of moral permissibility, or justification of laws permitting or restricting it; it is a mater of life and death where the former takes pre-eminence” (p. 6). It is true that some children are born from “accident”; however, it is not the duty of anyone to determine who should live and who should not. Even though there is no evidence to justify this argument, there is a high probability that some world great leaders have died even before seeing the light of the day courtesy of this inhuman act.

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Physical and mental heath notwithstanding, it is unethical to kill, supposing we were all aborted! Those supporting abortion, commonly known as pro-choice, put across vague arguments about why abortion should be allowed. For instance, Levitt and Donohue (1999), vaguely argue that unwanted children were mostly likely to be criminals and this explained low crime rates in states where abortion is legal (p. 12). This is shoddy argument and it takes one back to philosophical issues on crime. Pro-choice scientists argue that there is no relationship between breast cancer and abortion. The truth is, during pregnancy; due to hormonal changes, breast cells proliferate in preparation of breastfeeding. Once abortion takes place, these cells do not become “aborted” and this leads to cancer not unless we redefine cancer. While scientists can detach breast cancer from abortion, they have failed terribly in explaining maternal morbidity that comes with abortion.

There is so much attachment between a mother a pregnancy and this is irrefutable. Abortion should only be allowed in cases where the mother is in danger. The other alternative to prevent unwanted pregnancies is to use contraceptives rightly and avoid the so called, “biological accidents.” Otherwise, live and let life. To Pro-choice adherents, it important to note that, the question is not about abortion or not, rather it is about to murder or not. Abortion is unethical, unhealthy, and unacceptable.

Killing is unlawful not only to God but also to human beings. The psychological price to pay for abortion is irredeemable and not unless anyone wants to live a downtrodden life, she should refrain from abortion. If you had unwanted pregnancy today, would you prefer to abort or would persevere until you handle the bundles of joy in your hands after short nine months?

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