Current generations are using the internet as their mode of communication and passage of information; twitter is world’s second largest social network. When using the site, users get a chance to communicate with other accounts holders as well as limit the number of people to communicate with.

This paper, written from experience and some literature review, evaluates the usability of the social network. When using twitter accounts users benefit from its micro-blogging platform; this means that users can share information on what they are doing at a certain particular time and receive some feedbacks in the form of comments from accounts users whom the user has accepted as friends. When doing this, users are able to keep track with what is happening in their world as well as that of their friends (Milliken,2010) Twitter has brought the idea of crowdsourcing so real and quick, when using the site someone can seek advice through comments of friends after positing the problem that he or she is going through. This notion is that someone can get diverse views from people of different ages and living in different places of the universe. Tweeter through administrators updates and other people’s, and corporate bodies updates is a rich source of information and news; generation Y prefers to use electronic media as their sources of information rather than the traditional print media’s. Tweeter plays a crucial role in not only offering the news but offers people a chance to comment and give their mind on certain issue in the media/news. Employers have not been left behind in the wave of tweeters, there are an increasing number of employers who are using the site to advertise and recruit employees. Other than positing for jobs, jobseekers are liaising and sharing information on where there is a job using the site.

On a higher note, employers are judging the character and personality of potential employees or their existing employers through tweeter; this is done through the comments and posts that an individual makes in the site. When using the site, users are able to make variety of friends who think differently or ones who have had different experiences in life; when such an occurrence happen, then users can learn from other people and increase their social networks. There have been some successful marriages and relationship that have been formed and taken shape over tweeter. From time to time tweeter clubs make social events that help in cheering up the society and the world in general; the events include retreats, parties, birthdays, weddings and in some cases graduation parties and other similar arrangements. The large network of people that users get assists in keeping in touch with what is happening in the outside world (Garfield, 2010) Despite the benefits and the improved social life created by tweeter, the social network exposes its users to some risks; the main risk that users face is security risk. Accounts holders are expected to give some information about themselves when opening an account. Some of this information get to people whom they were not intended for; when updating once status of commenting on a certain posting, users give a piece of their mind or give some information that can be used to judge them, this may not go well with the users.


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