Thecity dwellers who live their whole life in the shadow of the concrete do notknow how the villagers lead their life. But we need to watch. Feel and learnthe true context of being Bangladeshi. As students we have 3 most important andfundamental duties and they are 1.

To learn 2. To learn 3. To learn, sometimeswe go abroad to explore and learn what could be there that we have not seen orlearn yet. But we have never tried to see what lies in our country mostly inthe village or ruler life, the true essence of our culture and beauty ofnature. So our university.

IUB has designed Live-in-Field Experience (LFE) tointroduce the students with village Community and their lifestyle.The whole LFEis a learning process for the students by reaching to the closest point to thevillagers. We used Mobile and internet based data collection method by following structured questionnaire wherethe questions gives the room for the villagers to provide their own philosophyin some extent that are the most valuable information to know their change ofthe village between a measurable timeline (decades or more). We followed online(input data through internet) method for doing our survey. It’s a process inwhich the data is collected & submitted simultaneously.

This process goeswith most of the rural areas of the country irrespective of locations whereunderdeveloped in terms of human development which includes inter alias health,education. Employment and equal opportunities for women .we used primary data& also used secondary data of which we couldn’t ?nd the household head. Iused Grameenphone internet to conduct my survey. In our limited time zone whichwas 08.45 am to 12.30pm, in some cases the time was extended.

We had tocomplete data collection & give online input. We formed group of twostudents (pair group) and assigned to work on .Kalashgram village, it was verynear from BRAC Learning Center, where we stayed. We collected data throughindividual and group interview of the villagers mostly by interviewing in a waythat we are gossiping with household Heads or their wife to make them morecomfortable to collect more information. We had surveyed on 10 family to getproper information some pictures of Kalashgram are given bellow when: we had surveyedfrom that house:XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxOurfindings and analysis shows that the Kalashgram is a developing village .Thereare many illiteracy people in the village .

But they are trying to develop theirlife style. So they send their children to school, college and university. Inthis village there are 2 primary school, 4 mosque .The kalashgram is sobeautiful and this village people is so helpful. 


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