The Planning, Programming, Budgeting, andExecution (PPBE) is one of triad decision support systems for defenseacquisition, other two are Joint Capabilities Integration and DevelopmentSystem (JCIDS), and the Defense Acquisition System (DAS).  Thereare four phases in PPBE process.  Planning phase collects information, maketechnologies and trends analysis, identifiescurrent and future capabilities which needed to meet requirements.? Programming phase reviews objectivesand  current policy, exams infrastructure shortfalls, validates capabilityrequirements, aligns available resources, and evaluate various tradeoff options, balanceand integrate resources according priorities, generates a Program Decision Memorandum.  Budgeting phase applies resources into anappropriations account structure, ensure appropriate funding and fiscalcontrols, ensure efficient use ofresources, and whether itis realistic in the requested budget year.

Execution phase creates MonthlyPhasing Plan, manages appropriatedfunds to carry out budgeted workloads, conducts ongoing reviews, to determinewhether the appropriated funds are being obligated and expended in accordancewith the approved budget, and whether the funds are achieving the desiredeffect (Performance and Accountability Report).The project’s life cycle includefour phases: Project initiation, Concept Exploration, demonstration/validation,full scale development. Four phases have common concerns, such as manning, technicaldata, engineering services, facilities, etc. We can use entire PPBE as a toolin each phase of the project’s life cycle, to ensure resources efficiency.

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Wealso can use PPBE as a consistent framework to matchthe project’s life cycle.  Inthe project’s initial phase, PPBEPlanning can defines “What” needs to complete, providean outline of the project.  In the concept exploration phase,PPBE Programming work out on the “How” to approach the goals, identify stake holders, define the working processes and work breakdown structure.

 In the demonstration/validation phase, we makesure the project is “ON TRACK”,   PPBE Budgeting provides the “WHY”, and resultsin a complete budgetary request, finally enact appropriations. In the full scaledevelopment phase, PPBE Execution ensure that team members meet designed goal andtimeline for tasks, tracking spending, manage assets and resources, to maintainthe project on track.


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