The objective of this study to developed nutraceuticalsyrup using natural sweetner. The main focus was ginger, basil and naturalsweetener Stevia so as to formulate the healthy option to all synthetic syrups.The stevia syrup was prepared at different concentration as 0.

3%, 0.4%, 0.5%,0.6%and among these 0.4% was selected which gives the equal sweetness to 65oBrixas traditional syrup have which is preferred as a reference sample. Forviscosity of syrup various formulation of xanthan gum was carried out as 0.

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1%, 0.2%,0.3%, 0.4% among these 0.3% was selected and viscosity of Stevia based syrupwas compared with reference sample. Final syrup was evaluate it’s Physico-chemicalparameter along with anti-oxidant activity.

The nutritional benefits of the nutraceuticalsyrup from ginger and basil extract and Stevia powder that couldtherapeutically help in improving the health of the consumer. Keyword: Gingerextract, basil extract, Stevia powder, Xanthan gum .IntroductionNutraceuticalsyrup is one that offers the consumer additional perceived benefits besides itsprimary function which is hydration. Plants are potent bioactive component.plant based natural component can be derived from any part of the plant. Herbsare present ubiquitously but they are not yet used commercially in combinationfor formulation of nutraceutical syrup, but as people are getting more healthconscious there is need of formulating natural syrup. the medicinal effect ofherbstypically results from the secondary metabolites present in plants.

Herbal formulations have reached widespread acceptabilityas therapeutic agents for diabetics, arthritics, liver diseases, coughremedies, memory enhancers and adoptogens.Ginger,holy basil, and stevia possesses lot of health benefits, also act as a medicinedue to presence of various antioxidants and bioactive elements. Thesesubstances can be used to cure many disease as discussed earlier. Dailyconsumption of this nutrient’s in dietwill surely promote good health. the development of commercial product that cansubstitute the sugar aimed at tackling the health problem that can come fromsuch sugar and other sugar substitute.Recent interest of food andbeverage industry has driven their focus towards natural high-potencysweeteners due to the increasing awareness of obesity problem and the healthimpacts associated with certain artificial sweeteners.

Hence many soft drinkmanufacturers are trying to reduce calories by introducing natural non-caloricsweeteners into their systems. The increasing consumption of sugar (sucrose)has resulted in several nutritional and medical problems, such as obesity.Therefore, low caloric sweeteners have been investigated to substitute sugar.


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