Physiologically; the right side of the brain deals with neurological impulse for the left side of the body and the inverse is true. In his “split-brain” research on an epileptic patient, Roger Sperry (1973) (cited in Dan Eden, n.d) demonstrated that with the severing of their communication connection the two hemispheres could function distinctively. For instance the right eye and hand could name an item, like a pen, but the subject could not determine its use. On the other hand the left eye and hand could demonstrate and determine its use but could not determine its name. In his further studies to establish the functional map of the brain, Sperry (1973) (cited in Eden, n.

d) supposes the existence of two nature of thought, namely the verbal and the non-verbal, which have their basis in the left and the right brain hemispheres respectively. The chart below illustrates the function mapping of the hemisphere (Eden, n.d).

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