The lotus flower is a flower that comes from southern parts of Australia and Asia due to egyptian culture/ religion. The lotus flower is planted and lives in shallow, murky waters, such as lakes and ponds.

This plant requires sunlight, as the sun sets the flower slowly closes then eventually sinks back into the body of water in which it lives, but once the sun starts to rise it slowly comes to the water’s surface and starts opening back up to absorb the sunlight to eventually make chloroplast. This symbolization of the flower is creation, rebirth, and it also symbolizes the sun due to the way it reacts to it is setting and raising. There is actually very many meanings, it all depends on your religion but they both express the importance of its meaning (Larson).

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There are many different sizes that this flower can vary in, but the main ones are either big or small. The bigger one grows anywhere from 18 to 60 inches in height. The smaller ones, known as a dwarf lotus, usually run anywhere between 8 and 12 inches in height along with the leaves of the plant being 2 to 3 inches in width (General Information on Lotuses). These flowers are very popular when it comes to tattoos because the fact that it is a symbolization of people who have suffered through rough times in their lifespan but they are battling it and putting in effort into overcoming their problems (Larson).I picked this flower because I had a general idea of what I wanted to do but I saw it on google images and thought it was very appealing to the eye.

These flowers can be white, pink, red, purple, or even blue. Another reason I chose this goes with the meaning of the flower, my sister had told me that she wanted a tattoo of a lotus but I had no idea what it mean until after she explained the meaning and her story to me. How does a plant do photosynthesis? There are 6 steps. The first step is carbon dioxide and water enter the plants leaves.

The second step is the light hits the pigment in the membrane that belongs to the thylakoid, separating the water into oxygen. The third step is the electrons move down into the enzymes. The fourth step is that sunlight hits the second pigment molecule permitting the enzymes to transform ADP to ATP and NADP+ gets transformed to NADPH.

The fifth step is ATP and NADPH are used by the calvin cycle as a power source for turning carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into simple sugar glucose. The final step, the sixth step is the calvin cycle transfers 3 CO2 molecule from the atmosphere to glucose. What is the calvin cycle? It is the set of chemical reactions that happen in chloroplast during the process of photosynthesis. The calvin cycle is light-independent because it takes place after the energy has been captured from sunlight.What is ATP synthase? It is an enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of ATP. It acts as an enzyme and a carrier protein for hydrogen ions.

As H+ ions flow, ATP synthase catalyzes a reaction in which a phosphate group is added to a molecule of ADP to make ATP.


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