The achievements in the sphere of design and building show that within a short period of time, certain changes in house constructions may take place. One of the most spread thoughts is offered by Gerald Stryi-Hipp (2006): in 2030, the vast majority of homes will be heated by means of solar thermal only. Such choice will influence the use of energy and help society to save money reducing energy demands as well as improve the design of houses as there will be no need to use some electric tools.

In this paper, the evaluation of three types of homes will be offered to define how materials and requirements for building as well as ethical aspects and technological use may be changed: a luxury home should be provided with a number of electronic gadgetry to help the owner save time and enjoy the design, a family four bedroom detached home aims at improving the life of a family, and a basic one bedroom flat with a number of significant attributes for living.

Luxury Home 2030

Talking about the materials for a luxury home 2030, it is necessary to consider their nature. One of the most effective ways is to use special glass for luxury homes with the help of which the whole home is lightened and open for the sun, still, it is impossible to look through it. With the help of special digital technologies, it may be possible to change the colour of wallpapers in accordance with the owners’ mood. There is a special program implemented into the house that allows a person to choose from 1 to 5 colours. The following in-house technologies are possible for the chosen building: FM radio, digital TV that may be placed anywhere in the house, and furniture transformation.

Due to the fact that the technologies are designed into the house before it is built, it is necessary to meet a number of requirements: solar thermal equipment that is located on the roof and provides the whole building with the necessary amount of solar energy, all walls are bearing and may be made of special pressured bricks and compressed earth blocks, and, finally, doors are made of strong wood that holds warm in the house. The chosen material and design meet the environmental green considerations. It is necessary to support the use of natural material in the building process, this is why the idea of unbroken glass as the main material for the luxury home is justified. Though a number of technologies and mechanisms are implemented into the house, all of them are inside the walls which are made of glass; so, they do not have some harmful effects on people living there.

Family Four Bedroom House

A family four bedroom house should be designed to provide a big family with all necessary services and quality: parents should be confident that their children are in safe, and children, in their turn, should have an access to the most important parts of the house. The material for this type home is wood or professional timber for the walls and roof, and metal rebar to create an appropriate floor. As big families are not always able to spend much money on the technological aspects of their homes, it is possible to implement the most significant technologies: solar thermal at the roof (to support the green idea of building), heating technologies, and media improvements which are easy to use and hide in urgent cases.

Kitchen technologies are integral in such type of building some members of the family spend much time in there. In relation to building design, a number of ethical issues should be considered to choose building material properly and avoid harm for human health. Use of solar energy in heating is the most effective means that reduce the use of fossil fuels and other chemical substances.

Basic One Bedroom Flat

A first time buyer should get a number of benefits from a new basic one bedroom flat: building materials are usually concrete constructions which are supported by iron details.

As a rule, one bedroom flat is a part of a huge construction, this is why it is necessary to define the bearing walls and implement as many technologies as possible in it. Solar energy is hardly available for such types of homes, still, it is possible to create one huge generator with the help of which heating and cooling of all flats in the building is controlled in one section. Environmental ethics should remind the designers about the importance to reduce the amount of waste and damage to the environment. Still, the following technologies should be implemented into the design as they influence the quality of human life: security system due to which a person is sure of personal safe, media improvements with the help of which a person saves time and nerves, and entertaining aspects (bath equipment and kitchen accessibility).


In general, all above-mentioned buildings have one idea in common: people have to be protected from all outside damages and dangers: absence of chemical substances, attention to solar energy, and natural building materials are considered. In case the ethical perspective is pointed out while building and designing in 2030, there is a hope for all people to succeed in living and protect personal life to its full extent.

Reference List

Stryi-Hipp, G 2006, In 2030, many homes will be heated using only solar thermal, SBZ, pp. 40-44.


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