The nursing practice requires the practitioners to have specialized knowledge and skills and the capability of making independent decisions. The nursing career is a wide field whose focus varies depending on the therapeutic approach, setting, different clients, and diseases. Nurses have to be competent, prepared, and they have to be certified by law. They also have to be in favorable conditions that would allow them to practice their profession effectively. The Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) sometimes faces obstacles that prevent them to work accordingly. There are certain laws and initiatives which have been enacted to ensure that their scope is protected.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has continued to make efforts to ensure that working grounds of the APRNs are justified and fair (American Nurses Association, 2009). Protection of the nurses’ scope of practice initiative has addressed the matter on anticompetitive practices. Through the Federal Trade Commission and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, APRNs have been given the mandate to identify the anti-competitive barriers.

Such barriers prevent the public from getting health and safety measures in the right protocol. Also, the states are tasked at amending regulations that tend to restrict the APRNs from offering health care services to patients under all circumstances. Qualified practitioners should not be prohibited from giving their services accordingly especially in emergency cases (Bryant?Lukosius et al., 2004). ANA has advocated for greater involvement of the nurses through the Patient Protection and Affordable Act in the states in matters of cost efficiency to the consumers (American Nurses Association, 2009). They have also pushed for the authority to practice their scope in all states in different settings.

Most of all, the association has advocated for justice of the APRNs to receive payments that are not exploitative for their services. They have pushed for the amendment of federal policies, state laws, and licensure privilege. The initiative has also recommended on the update of the insurance reimbursement model in reference to their level of education and training.

Florida has been a state that has really pushed for the authority of practice for the APRNs as well as the clinical practitioners. Several amendments have been tabled so that they can obtain licensure privileges and the removal of barriers that prevent them from being productive (Kung, & Rudner, 2015). The impacts of the initiative to modernize Florida’s outdated laws would not only benefit the practitioners but also the citizens. They would get access to quality and affordable health care since currently, health care costs have skyrocketed. The health organizations would also be in a position of using advanced technology for diagnosis and therapeutics. Currently, the health state of Florida is facing challenges due to increase in population which cannot match the number of health professionals. Also, their systems get strained due to overloaded tasks. Florida has very many restrictive laws that prevent the APRNs to sign death certificates, order home health services, and prescribe a certain medication.

For clinical practice, some procedures cannot even be undertaken without supervision.  However, the Florida Nurse Association has gone to the extent of advocating for the removal of the supervisory restrictions (Kung, & Rudner, 2015). They prevent them from practicing fully in their scope based on their level of education and training. In future, when the amendments are successful, they would also get the authority to proceed with the Baker Act. They would also obtain DEA numbers that would allow them to prescribe necessary medication. All advanced nurses should ensure that they are registered with their state or regional nursing associations. These associations are helpful because they set back people; organizations or authorities that tend to exploit and limit nurses from their scope of practice.



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