The storystarts with the death of Jims Parents when he was at the age of 10. He was onhis way to start his life all over again in Nebraska, where his grandparentsstayed at.

Jim had developed an interest in Immigrant girls, and he likedhelping them and he was a smart young boy. Jim finds himself fascinated by Antoniaas he grew with her in Nebraska. He grew up in that land to understand how hardlife was for immigrants who came down to America. Jim has abroad understanding about immigrants in the beginning of the novel, then later recognizesthat everyone has the chance of having a bright future. He grows into aromantic young boy as he moves into the town and mingles with other people.Jim’s character towards Antonia makes the reader confused whether he likes heras a sister or likewise. Jim begins to admire the country girls who worked inBlackhawk and he condemned the town boys because he thought that they do notdeserve the beautiful country girls.

Jim moves touniversity in Lincoln at the age of 19, where his character changes completelyas he gets fond of operas and theatres. Over there he meets Lena Lingard; acountry girl who worked in his town. She tells him that she has used the littlemoney she got from the work in Black Hawk to start a small business. His timewith her seems to affect his studies, so he was asked to move to Harvard tocomplete his education there, and he non- hesitantly obeyed. The news Jimhears about Antonia remained a shock in him after he came for a holiday fromuniversity.

He thought about how he was going to forgive Antonia for givingherself to a cheap man who deceived her severely and left her alone with a poorlittle baby.Jim returnsto meet Antonia after two decades. Although he is successful in his life, hefeels empty and Antonia is the one that fills in the gap for him. She hadn’tgrown into any rich folk, but she was happy like that with her many children.

The novel ends with Jim knowing the meaning of life in which he was lost in foryears, and now he has found a place he can call home. 


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