The relevance of Black History in present day is one which is of greater importance and awareness.

The Black History month is one which is annually celebrated with the remembrance of the struggles and achievements gained by the African Americans within history. Van De Mieroop (2016) states that ‘In the twenty-first century, however it is no longer correct to say that black history has been forgotten’ this proves that black history does infact matter in present day.1 When referring to the past it is important to understand that the role of black history throughout history is one which is of greater importance. For many the history of the blacks is one which is still commemorated in present day.

  The significance of black history in present day is one which has taken a vital role within the historical period. Glenn (2015) claims that ‘Black History contributes to the process of democratizing history to make history more inclusive’.2 This further forms an argument that suggests that different types of history matter and in particular the history of the black’s. Within school curriculums black history has become rather popular, however Black History Month can be argued to be the best way to learn about the lives of the African American within the historical period. Van De Mieroop (2016) argues ‘the tradition of Black History Month (BHM) that has been one of the most important sites for the wide dissemination of black history for several decades’. 3 It can be argued that the commemoration of the BHM is one which allows others to remember black history as well as their battle for freedom and justice.

Similarly one can argue that even though BHM does infact allow others to learn the history of the black’s it is rather questionable in whether this is the best way to learn black history. I myself believe that even though the BHM allows the remembrance of black history this should be done throughout and we should be able to learn about black history within the education system.Black History should be raised awareness and the past events of history. Brennan (2011) states that ‘they served as recruiters, soilders, nurses and spies, and endured unequal treatment massacres, and riots as they pursued their quest for freedom and equality’.4 This proves that BHM allows the recognition of the past for black history as well as further suggesting the struggles in which many were faced with.However, some may argue that the best way to learn about Black History is through the BHM day. This infact can be argued true to an extent as even though BHM days allows others to remember the past experiences of the blacks, it can also be said to be equally as important to learn about black history within schools etc. As this allows a time to reflect as well as gain a deeper understanding into black history.

The purpose and matter of history is one which is always needed to be understood in order to recognise and understand past events and the real outcome and impact it has on present day. Many people claim to ‘know’ about the past and therefore it can be argued that BHM allows that understanding of Black history on a deeper level.In my opinion the Black History month is infact beneficial for the learning of others in terms of understanding the journey of black history. Landa (2012) states ‘dimensional heroes, like icons of perfection, who stood up to injustice, danger and aggression’ this suggests that for many schools the key aim was allowing the students to understand the heroes of the period as well as remember them for their bravery. This emphasises that Black History Month for many is the most efficient way of learning about black history, as they gain an understanding of the journey in which many were faced with.

  La Garett (2016) emphasises that ‘scholars have theorized that black history was more than mere celebrations of exceptions black heroes and heroines’ indicating that even though many believe in the recognition of black history this is infact a limitation.As the period of black history was more than just remembering the heroes. It was taking the argument further and suggesting that for many this was a period of struggle and injustice. Which a question whether BHM is the best form of learning and whether it is rather better to learn about Black history throughout the year instead of a specific day in the year.However many would argue that BHM is not infact the nest way to teach black history and this should be taught throughout school curriculums.

Thomas (1986) argues ‘Black scholars and laypersons on all continents unified their efforts to promote black accomplishment and celebrate the black heritage’. The proves that black history could be efficiently understood in many ways and BHM is not the only way to present the history of the black’s.To conclude, I believe that even though BHM is one of the best ways to teach black history to others. This could infact be done in many others ways like incorporating it within the school system which arguably would work equally as well. Black History Month is therefore said to be the best way of learning, however this statement is one which is questionable.


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