Nick underside is one the most memorable characters of Shakespeare by me. Bottom the weaver is foremost introduced in the beginning when they are choosing the dramatis personae for the drama “ Pyramus and Thisbe ” . Bottom believes that he is capable of playing every character of the drama “ And I may conceal my face, allow me play Thisbe excessively. I ‘ll talk in a monstrous small voice: Thisne, Thisne! ” Bottom does non cognize that he is a awful histrion he on a regular basis makes rhetorical and grammatical errors in his address “ [ as Pyramus ] Thisbe, the flowers of abominable relishs Sweet ” when truly he is supposed to state “ Odorous ” . The wit which surrounds Bottom directs us from the fact that he is incognizant of his actions, his addresss tend to be a spot to over dramatic at times, and seems to believe that people take him every bit serious as he takes himself.

Helena the love sick who is frantically in love with Demetrius. Among the four immature lovers Helena would hold to be the lone 1 who thinks about the nature of love, Helena who is left out of the love trigon between Demetrius Hermia and Lysander she says “ love looks non with the eyes but with the head, And hence is flying ‘d Cupid painted blind ” . Helena sets out to win Demetrius ‘s love by stating him about the program of Lysander and Hermia which was to run off into the forest.

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Once Helena enters the forest, many of her behaviours are brought out by the confusion that the love potion engenders: compared to the other lovers, she is diffident of herself, worrying about what she looks like and believing that Lysander is mocking her when he declares his love for her, when he was clearly in love with Hermia.SubjectsDuring the drama there are many subjects but I have merely chosen a few which I thought stood out the most. Love, Magic and Dream were one of the most subjects in which I thought was really strong and stood out most to me.

I believe that love had to be one of the major subjects. You have the immature four Athenians Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius, and Hermia. Lysander ‘s love for Hermia is so strong that he suggest that they run off so that they may be together, Demetrius ‘s love for Hermia is besides strong as he hears about Lysander and Hermia ‘s program to run off into the wood he is willing to travel along to win the bosom of Hermia. Helena is so despairing for Demetrius that she follows him into the forests this is apparent as she says “ quotation mark from the book the spaniel one lol ” love is strong with in this drama, in the terminal all is good and everyone gets who they want Lysander acquire Hermia and Helena gets Demetrius.

During the drama one of the major subjects magic is used to bespeak the about eldritch power of love ( symbolized by the Love juice ) and to make a surreal universe. Although the thaumaturgy created pandemonium, when Puck erroneously applies the love juice on to Lysander ‘s eyes, magic finally resolves the drama ‘s tensenesss by reconstructing balance between the four lovers Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius and Helena. Puck besides uses thaumaturgy to his ain amusements, as when he transforms Bottom ‘s caput into a caput of an buttocks.

The subject of thaumaturgy is besides apparent by the engagement of the faeries and the faery wood.The subject of woolgathering recurs for the most portion when characters attempt to explicate unusual events in which these characters are involved: “ I have had a dream, past the humor of adult male to state what / dream it was. Man is but an buttocks if he goes approximately t’expound this dream, ” Bottom says, unable to calculate out the charming activities that have affected him as anything but a dream. Shakspere may hold been a adult male, who was interested in happening out how dreams work, in how events come to mind without account. He seeks to animate this environment in the drama through the engagement of the faeries in the charming wood. At the terminal of the drama, Puck extends the thought of dreams to the audience, stating that, if they have been offended by the drama, they should retrieve it as nil more than a dream.

This sense of semblance is cardinal portion to the ambiance of A Midsummer Night ‘s DreamQuestion 5“ The class of true love ne’er did run smooth ”This is Lysander himself doing a statement to Hermia when Egeus was against their relationship. Egeus wants Hermia to get married Demetrius, but Hermia refuses to alternatively she is in love with Lysander and she wants to get married him. Egeus is left few options for Hermia if she was to non get married Demetrius, she would either be put to decease lawfully or be sent off to go a nun and remain a virgin. Lysander is seeking to state there will ever come a clip when you are traveling to hold problems in relationships route for immature lovers and you will hold overcome these obstructions before you come to a smooth spot, merely like the love between Theseus and Hippolyta.Question 7Theseus sees the narrative of the four lovers as nil more than a charming escapade that took topographic point in their imaginativenesss. He distrusts how they believe so perfectly in their love for each other.

Theseus and Hippolyta ‘s love is far deeper than the four lovers Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius and Helena ‘ are, but this existent love will merely beef up given clip. During your vernal phases you ought to hotfoot things and believe about the effects of your actions. Young love has proven to be far more romanticized and less thought out than older, more realistic love, like the love shared between Theseus and Hippolyta.Question 4When my cue comes, name me, and I will reply. My following is ‘most just pyramus ‘ .

Heigh Ho! Peter Qunice? Flute the bellows-mender? Snout the tinker? Starveling? God ‘s my life! Stolen hence and left me asleep! I have had a most rare vision. I have had a dream past the humor of adult male to state what dream it was. Man is but an buttocks if he go approximately t’expound this dream. Methought I was-there is no adult male can state what. Methought I was, and methought I had-but adult male is but a patched sap if he will offer to state what methought I had. The oculus of adult male hath non heard, the ear of adult male hath non seen, adult male ‘s manus is non able to savor, his lingua to gestate, nor his bosom to describe what my dream was.

I will acquire Peter Quince to compose a lay of this dream. It shall be called ‘Bottom ‘s Dream ‘ , because it hath no underside.Bottom wakes up and thinks that he is still at dry runs stating “ When my cue come, name me, and I will reply ” . He shortly realizes that he has been abandoned in the forests by his friends. He recalls what happened to him merely as a dream, Oberon tells Titania that underside will “ believe no more of this dark ‘s accidents / But as the ferocious annoyance of a dream ” ( 4.1. 67-8 ) He shortly realizes what has happened in his dream and says that he has had such an astonishing dream past the humor of adult male to state such a dream could be ; he was non a adult male but an Ass when he was in the dream.

He would be a sap if he were to talk of what he has dreamt of. “ The oculus of adult male hath non heard, the ear of adult male hath non seen, adult male ‘s manus is non able to savor, his lingua to gestate, nor his bosom to describe what my dream was ” The oculus of adult male have non seen what he has dreamt, non heard what he has heard non seen what he has seen as there were charming animals environing him, adult male has non tasted nor felt what he has. While with the faeries he was pampered like a male monarch he was fed by the faeries and was loved by a queen ( Titania ) .

Helena ‘s MonologueOh what the snake pit! I see you ‘re all setTo come here pretend that you love me merely so you could acquire a laugh? If you were a gentleman and respected me you would non set through all this hurting, But Noooo you must fall in forces to badger me, if you were existent work forces you would what you ‘re making is hurtful. But off all people the two of you who I know do non love me but are frantically in love with Hermia. To take advantage of me in this province you should be ashamed. Demetrius what has happened to you all of a sudden a alteration of love for me? Not Hermia? This sure is a daze for me! And you! Lysander you do n’t love me! You love Hermia so halt this lunacy! Demetrius I have ever loved you so much, it ‘s astonishing how you strike hard me off my pess, every clip you come around me I get weak, cipher has of all time made me experience this manner whenever you kiss my lips you take my breath off. I merely want to take a journey through you mind and find emotions that you ever seek to conceal. Demetrius you do n’t cognize how much I merely want to accept the fact that you eventually love me but deep interior I do n’t cognize whether this is true love or non.

I merely do n’t cognize what to Make! ! ARGHHH! This is MADNESS! !


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