Thecontent based image retrieval and video indexing is totally depend on contents.Contents are basically shape, color. Relative to this video feature applicationthis system can be developed such as fingerprint identification, cctv videos,digital video libraries.

If we consider the further development, it can behelpful which contains very large databases. Image search engines are ordinarily used like Google, Bing and othersearch engines. It takes as input as a text if we further develop by usingimage retrieval system then we can take image as an input.  The searching and browsing large archives indigital libraries there are several digital libraries that support servicesbased on image content.

The indexing of images and videos on the content basisresults an easy retrieval of images and video data from a collection of diversedata. If user is having one snap shot of movie and he doesn’t know the name ofthe movie so he can just provide snapshot of movie as input query and retrievethe required video from digital libraries.Videooverview and access the user can also play the video from particular sceneprovided that user is having snap shots of movie. Indexing and archivingmultimedia presentations can reduce the storage space by indexing the video.The video is stored as a set of frames. The frames with big change in scene getstore and similar frames get removed. For security purpose finger print scannertechnique is used in many current applications which is having large imagedatabases.

If we want to search image by using image, then this retrievalsystem is very useful because we cannot use as text for finger print detection.Same as finger print we can develop this system for face detection system. Incrime detection it is developed so it can detect face of criminal which washaving find at any CCTV video records. Not only in search engines domains Content Based Video Indexing andImage Retrieval system is used but also helpful in medical applications the useof it give more powerful result in powerful services that can be useful inbiomedical information systems. Three large fields can instantly take advantageof CBVIIR techniques are education, investigation, and diagnostics. From theeducation perspective, examining tools can be used to find important cases topresent to students. Investigation also can be boosted by using servicesconjoining image content information with various types of data.

For example,researchers can use excavating tools to discover unfamiliar designs amongtextual and image content data. Similarity queries based on image contentdescriptors can also help the diagnostic process because it contains images,and which are comparatively studied by Clinicians. Usually use analogous casesfor case-based cerebral in their clinical executive development.  Biologistsof Biodiversity Information Systems gather different kinds of data for biodiversitystudies, including spatial data and images of living beings. BiodiversityInformation Systems (BIS) should help researchers to develop and acceptingabout species and their habitations by combining textual, image content-based,and geographical requests. This system can be further extended from LAN or Webfor a greater scope and use.

We can use different images stored on differentmachines which are connected in LAN. Images can be retrieved which are storedon different machines. This technique is color histogram analysis withconsideration of intensity factor. Furthermore, we are intended of Combiningthis current technique with Edge based detection technique so that, it can beused for various purposes like face detection, finger-print recognition, crimeprevention, and several medical applications also.

Supplementary modules can beadded to include text and audio content in the video as well. It can be used inIntrusion Detection System in the security field by detecting changes in theconsecutive frames by use of Boundary Analysis Technique.


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