The Blood Libel accusation was harmful to the Jews in medieval Europe because it enhanced tremendously, resulting in anti-Semitism. Jews were tormented to the point that they admitted to offensive wrongdoings. Culminating in torturing, murder, trials and expulsion of many Jews. The Christians explained it on having to do with the death of Jesus Christ. At the start of Medieval Ages, the Jews were denied many things; the military, citizenship and its rights, excluded from membership in guilds, and the professions. The Blood Libel spread all throughout the Christian world in the Middle Ages. At the point when a Christian kid disappeared, it was normal for nearby Jews to be faulted. In 1144 a little boy, William of Norwich, was relentlessly murdered with intense wounds to the torso, arms, and head. The priest, his uncle, blamed the Jews for the murder of his nephew, and the rumor of the Jews crucifying a Christian child every year at Passover began. A century later, the death of another little boy, Hugh of Lincoln led to an investigation. In result of the blame being put on the Jews again, it let them to execution. He was then widely esteemed as a martyr. Along with the execution of the Jews, Certain Jews fled when King Don Ferdinand and queen Dona Isabella announced Jews in the kingdom should be baptized, become Christian, or leave. The Christians were blaming the Jews for the death of the little boys to make their rituals, but Jews fought against it and denied the beliefs of the Christians because they have proven they follow and worship the judges by three arguments. It is Utterly forbidden for the jews to eat any matter of blood ever, Jews shall not kill, in fact, love, and it is forbidden to kill a stranger, servant or slave. The Lateran and Subsequent church segregated the dangerous jews to the vulnerable Christians, prohibiting Jews from appearing in public during the holy week. Unable to hide, the jews would be caught, confess and burnt alive. Considering the Christians still accused the Jews, it led to an outbreak of anti- Semitism, and a huge massacre in Worms, Triers, and Metz. Forthwith the Pagans disliking the Jewish religion, the accusation continues. A man named Antiochus Epiphanes first claimed to have found a greek man, who had been fattened by the jews for a year, to then killing him. Many fables of the Jews were spread because of it, and it was thought by many to be made up just so he can destroy the temple. This accusation was the start of the suspicions of the Jews bloodlust. Jews were tortured to confess their bloodlust, but they refused to convey, knowing if they confided, the whole Jewish religion would be in trouble. Scholars felt that the punishment the Jews were given and shedding the Jewish blood was for no reason and portrayed anti-semitism, and not because they were real murders. considering things were so bad Blood libels led and convinced the public against the Jews. Due to the false accusations against the Jews, and the torture they were put through because of it. It had led the Jews to live an anti- Semitic life. 


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