The reality behindthe UFOs and the aliens is still a very big mysterious puzzle that until now noone Is completely sure about it and to understand this puzzle we are going togive some explanations and some proofs that they may exist or no.The definition of UFO is that the UFOs (unidentified flyingobjects) are any flying objects that are weird and strange for a human forexample the round flying object that usually appears in the movies or cartoonsthat are about aliens for example  (Iknow what I saw)that is about aliens but as an explanation I want to add thatthe UFOs don’t always mean aliens because any thing that flies and it’s veryhard for people to know what is it so it’s a UFO , and the definition of aliensis that the aliens are thought to be creatures or any living things that liveon another planet or even another galaxy but it isn’t what I am trying to explain but I want to focus on thisquestion:Do the UFOs and the aliens exist ?To answer this question I have brought some clues that theyare real and some that are against this opinion but I will try to perform everything very well.

We defined both of them and explained what they were but theyare both two mysterious puzzles than even the scientists can’t give you a rightanswer for this question but it’s an interesting question and it deserves tothink about it for a while. Any question that is asked about the UFOs and the aliens isnot usually answered by any one but I have brought some opinions (I can’t callthem facts because we are not sure about them)And we will explain every one of them:1: for the first proof we depend on a historical matter thatis one of the pyramids of Egypt and on the walls of this pyramid there are somecarvings that indicate that the aliens existed because the walls show that theancient egyptians were treating with aliens and the UFOs and there are opinionsthat say the pyramids were built by aliens and it’s not very strange for aperson to believe that because it was said that the pyramids contain millionsof rectangular stone blocks each one weighs to 1.2 tons and they were broughtfrom many miles away isn’t it strange for people to carry all these heavy stone blocks and put them one overanother to create a pyramid in this size without any technology and the scienceof engineering has proved that it’s impossible for any engineer to create apyramid like that with the same detail even by using very modern technologyeven the satellite but it was thought that the aliens are extremely modern andclever and they have improved  technologymore than humans  that is why it wasthought that they have helped the ancient humans to create these incrediblyamazing things and it can be seen clearly on walls of the pyramids even theUFOs were indicated on the walls and maybe they have used humans to build thepyramids for some mysterious reasons and if it’s right maybe they will returnone day.2: another reason why people think that they exist is thestories of the UFOs that were seen by humans for example a farmer has talked tonewspapers about a UFO that he has seen in his own farm one day but no onestill knows the reality of this story yet And there are some videos in youtube and the other socialmedias  about the UFOs that were caughton cameras and I remember that one day I was watching a TV show that was takingpeoples words about a seen UFO and the people were talking very seriously aboutwhat they had seen as they were describing the UFO the they had seen was a verybig and strange thing in the sky , these are some other reasons why people  believe this .3: ((a Russian man warns Obama to tell the people about theUFOs and the aliens or Russia will) ):That was a topic on a website that was about UFOs and aliensand a Russian man was telling America to talk about the mysterious puzzle ofUFOs and aliens and this warning indicates that America is in connection withthe aliens and maybe America works with the aliens in order to become strongeror to develop some technological skills (we said that the aliens are veryclever creatures ) or for any other reasons and another reason why people thinkthat  America works with the aliens isHillary Clinton Because when she chose herself for the presidency of Americashe promised the American people if they voted to her she would tell them everything about the UFOs and aliens and declare every thing about them .Another reason why America is under suspicion that it knows alot about this mysterious puzzle and even they are treating with thesecreatures is (area 51) , but what is area 51 ? what is America saving in thisarea ?Area 51: is an air force facility that is Nevada and no onereally knows what is there even the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) doesn’tknow about this weird area and every research about this area is known as TopSecret / Sensitive Compartmented Information  (TS/SCI) and it indicates that area 51 is oneof the most restricted places on the planet and no one can get into this areajut if he / she works there and area 51 is under suspicion that it containsUFOs and aliens and weapons (very strong weapons) and some other things that wedon’t know any thing about them although no one is completely sure about theexistence of the UFOs and the aliens there it but still there are opinions thatit is a fact even in the video games like (GTA V) area 51 is highly protectedplace and you can’t get close to it .

The movies that America directs and performs about UFOs andaliens are another suspicion because there are question like (How do they knowthat the aliens look like that? ) for example (alien) is movie that wasdirected in 1979 and it’s about aliens the aliens appear very clearly just likethe director of the movie has seen real aliens and he has treated with thembefore and in another movie the aliens attack earth and it’s a very strangemovie because the not just the aliens even there special body organs that theyuse to defend themselves, it’s strange for a normal person that has never seenan alien to imagine all these details and it was another opinion .The movie that is named(the men in black) is another moviethat is about aliens and in this movie the people are in a very goodassociation with the aliens and even they work with the aliens in a restrictedplace some times they space crafts to visit another planet or to explore thespace And in this movie the aliens are living between  people hiding there real personalities .    4: the cartoons that are seen by people are not just normalcartoons and just for fun because they are receiving subliminal massages forexample the most liked cartoon by the children (tom and jerry ) is thought tocarry subliminal messages and also the other cartoons carry subliminal messagesso I just focus on the cartoons that are about UFOs and aliens .  The cartoon (fairly odd parents) is one of the cartoons thatcarry subliminal messages actually it isn’t about aliens but in a science theyfly over area 51 and some strange creatures try to catch them and they are notfrom this world and it reinforces the opinion that cartoons carry subliminalmessages and also the opinion that area 51 contains aliens  . Another cartoon that the aliensappear in is (Couragethe Cowardly Dog) in this cartoon thealiens and the UFOsAppearfor too many times and they attack the farm of courage’s family and take themto the space .Andanother cartoon that is full of aliens is (Ben 10), this cartoon is about a boythat receives a watch from the space and the watch contains the genes of somealiens that are very strong but in this cartoon the humans are in a very goodcommunication with the aliens and they visit the other galaxies and see themore intelligent aliens and in the cartoon it appears that the aliens are veryintelligent and they are creating very strong weapons .

Idon’t want to say that every cartoon that aliens appear in proves that thealiens exist but they deserve to be put under suspicion because they are thebest way to receive subliminal messages and they may hold secret informationsthe are not wanted to be know by people.  5:the triangle of Bermuda:Whatis the reality behind the triangle of Bermuda?Whyit is impossible to fly over it?Whyno one knows the answer of these questions ?Thetriangle of Bermuda : it is a triangle that is also known as the triangle ofdevil , it is  in the western part ofthe North Atlantic Ocean and it’s one of the most mysterious parts of earthbecause some ships  and plains havedisappeared very weirdly no one knows why but there are some opinions  for example ( the electromagnetic force ) ,(paranormal) , and finally the point that I want to focus on is the aliens,there is an opinion that says the reason behind the disappearance of thisplains , ships are aliens according to this opinion the aliens are takingpeople by an unknown way unknowing why do they take them , where do they takethem .Thereare new explanations about the missing of these objects  but we can not neglect the other opinionsthat are about the UFOs and the aliensOrelectromagnetic force .6:another reason why it is thought that the aliens exist is the limitlessuniverse that doesn’t have a start point nor a finish point .Auniverse that is extremely wide contains billions of galaxies each galaxycontains lots of planets and it is not possible for earth to be the only planetthat contains living creatures .Thetechnology is not improved to a level to enable us to explore the wide universeand search for the aliens that is why it has not been clear yet that the aliensare living in the other galaxies or even in our galaxy which is milky waygalaxy or they don’t even exist but maybe in the future the technology will beimproved and the humanity will be capable of exploring the wide space find thereality behind this puzzle .

7:It was attempted by scientists to discover the secret about the UFOs and thealiens that is why they have tried to communicate with the aliens that maybelive in (GJ 273 system) ,that is  12 light years away from us but it needs 12years for the message  to arrive to theplanets that are in this system and if the aliens exist in one these planetsthey will respond us , I mean if they exist there we will be responded after 25years .Anotherattempt has been made by the scientists to communicate with the aliens but oneof the scientists disagreed about that and thought if earth sends a signal as amessage to communicate with the aliens it will put earth under the possibilityof being attacked by the aliens that receive the message .Itindicates to me that there is a very big possibility for the aliens to exist.

withall these points there are many people who think the UFOs and the aliensdoesn’t exist for some reasons :1:one of the reasons why many people think the aliens don’t exist is that theyhaven’t been seen clearly , there are some videos about them but they can bemade up videos and I think that it’s the main reason why many people don’tbelieve in the existence of the aliens and the UFOs.2:many people think that the bigger countries like America or Russia are messingwith people’s brains and they are just creating the scenarios of the existingaliens and they are just playing a theatre that shows them ( if it is not likethat so why the existence of the UFOs and the aliens has not been clear yet) itis many people’s opinion I mean the people that don’t believe the existence ofthe aliens .3:many people don’t believe the existence of the UFOs and the aliens because of somereligious reasons , they say that god has not mentioned any thing about thealiens unknowing that god has mentioned them subliminally in some sentences :A:(? ???? ?? ????????)   inthis sentence god refers to a different being he says (he creates what youdon’t know about) what don’t we know about ? we know about every animals orplants that have been discovered so in this sentence god may refer to anotherbeing like aliens .B:(? ?? ????? ??? ????????? ????? ? ?? ?? ????? ?? ????)Itmeans (of his signs the creation of the heavens and earth and what he hasdispersed throughout them of creation) and it’s not just a sign in my opinionit is a clue that proves to me that the aliens exist because god talks aboutthe heavens and what are between these heavens of creatures, but what kind ofcreatures ?  Ithas to be about different beings like aliens because the creatures on earth areliving on earth not between the heavens . 4:anotherreligious reason why people don’t believe in the existence of the aliens isthat the scientists say that the aliens are quite more intelligent than humansbut god doesn’t say that he says (? ??? ????? ??? ??? ? ??????? ?? ????? ????? ? ??????? ?? ??????? ? ??????? ??? ???? ??? ????? ??????  )it means (and we have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried themon the land and sea and provided them the good things and preferred them overmost of what we have created) the people that think the aliens don’t exist theysay that god has said that the humans have been preferred by god and there is aclue for that but the scientists say that the aliens are more intelligent thathumans and they have more abilities than humans and because of these thingsthey think that the existence of the UFOs and the aliens is not true.After all what I said about the UFOs and the aliens Ihave to have an opinion about this mysterious puzzle and in my opinion thealiens exist and they may have visited earth with their UFOs but they may havedone it secretly or they may have done it secretly just for us but not secretlyfor every person I mean maybe they have been and they are communicating withearth but not with normal people with scientists and maybe government and Ithink area 51 in one the places that the aliens can communicate with.



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