The propinquity of law and technology givesrise to two understandings- one, when technology is known, it demands moreattention by threatening to be more than what is already known i.e you don’tknow that you don’t know ; and second, when technology is new, it has arepulsive effect in the society but stills draws the attention by threateningto be the unknown i.e you don’t know what you don’t know. Surfing the internet?Something very fundamental to the birth of technology and is an activitycarried out for the purpose of availing resources over the internet. The concept of autocomplete or rather predictivetyping is generally viewed as a catalyst to surfing the internet.

However, thisis where what we know poses threat of being more than what it is on the face ofit. The abhorrent autocomplete or predictive typing that we, as individuals ofthe digital world tend to brush under carpets of oblivion are a blatant violationof the law of torts, particularly defamation and the intellectual propertyrights.1When technology is new, forexample bitcoin, we are particularly clueless about what to expect and letourselves to be led into the turmoil of chaos that such oblivion offers us.2 . However, despite being characterized by agreat deal of uncertainty, the ocean of information technology promisesexciting opportunities3,which makes it an essential incubator to economic growth of a nation.

The legalsystems are struggling to provide for the unknown as the intensities of impactvaries from country to country and is highly inconsistent even within a givenregion. Information technology is what one makes of information technology. Therefore,the difference between what is lawful and unlawful is athin blur line of clever interpretations. 1 Stavroula Karapapa etal., Search engine liability for autocomplete suggestions: personality,privacy and the power of the algorithm, IJLT Oxford,Vol.23,2015 , www.academic.oup/ 2 Mike Orcutt, Criminalsthought bitcoins were the perfect hiding place,but they thought wrong,MITTechnology Review, September 15,2017 ( Last accessed on : 19/12/2017)3NigelRea etal.,Lawyers and Robots, Lexis Nexis, 2017,  


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