The terminology “minimalism” clearly states the simplicity about form andfunction in design. Minimalism is a design trend which is popular as a lifestyletoo. Minimalism is more about achieving the philosophy of better design throughsimplicity as in material, detail, color, space and form. Minimalism is about givingthe maximum effect by using the fewer elements in design.THE CONCEPTThe concept of minimalist design is about to put everything down to achieve theessences of quality and simplicity. It is all about arranging the all necessaryelements of design or building to create the feeling of freedom with extremesimplicity.The concept of “less is more” is greatly influenced by the Japanese art andarchitecture. The Japanese Zen philosophy in interior design is to create apeaceful, clutter free and inspiring home.? Clean straight lines? Built- in storages.? Natural materials? Minimum furnishings? Less pattern and subtle colors.They are the various elements which can be used to create a minimalist home.Minimalist houses have clarity in plan, minimal walls, efficient volume of spaces, naturaldaylight & maximum simplicity etc. More importantly, Minimalistic ideas are not withoutornamentation but to bring a design at such a stage where no elements can be removedfurther to improve the simplicity in design. There is a sense of visual clarity and extremesimplicity instead of having the feeling of emptiness.CHARACTERISTICS OF MINIMALIST HOUSE DESIGN.? Clean, open and light enriched space.? Extreme simplicity in form and function.? More functional elements.? Minimize exterior cladding and detailing.? Limit the material palette.Being human, We all appreciate the warmth, calmness and simplicity.Undoubtedly, these are the features of minimalist house too. So, for thewell being for human being it is necessary for every designer to be “aminimalist artist” for the space he/she designs.


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