“The only force that can beat climatechange is the U.S army the government.

   The action that is being prosecuted is theelimination of climate change from the list of threats to the security of theUnited States under Trumps new National Security Strategy (NSS). In two of thelast four U.S administrations this action has not been touched because societythinks that it’s not a very important problem, but the reality is that thisissue can cause a lot of irreparable damage if the necessary measures are nottaken to prevent this future catastrophe. The most urgent and important task isfacing climate change activists in the U.S to persuade the national securityestablishment of the mistakenness of this decision if there are no plans oftaking this in consideration at the moment it should be considered in the nextNNS administration and the U.S security thinking in general (foreignpolicy.com).

     Of the four major goals of the StateDepartment protecting America is supposed to be the governments guiding goalfor the country. In this case the government and/or governor does not considerthe fact that this is a strong issue just like North Korea’s threatening withnuclear world war. The government and/or governor does not necessarily care forthis issue because they tend to work on other issues they consider inevitable.This issue of climate change is equally important like the rest of the world’sissues; If we don’t strike down this issue we will end up in a world crisis;things like plantation drying up, animals dying and explosions of methane gaswould be released due to the high temperatures of climate change and end lifeon earth and leave only bacteria living which can cause the end of life itsself; if there are conflicts between countries military forces would beexpulsing all kinds of chemicals often causing the massive pollution in theair. Only security establishments and national militaries make the link between the threatof climate change and patriotic duty and convince ordinary voters that thesacrifices required are necessary for the future safety of their countries.    An event that took place on the year 2013 was president Obama’sClimate action plan. This plan was meant to cut carbon pollution to make theworld clean for the sake of the future generation of Americans.

Another pastaction that was supposed to make a solution for climate change was the Parisagreement; one in which more than 190 countries came together on establishing areduction of greenhouse gas emissions, keeping the temperature below 2 degrees,help the global economy, create new jobs, lift out millions out of poverty,among many other actions. One of the most important actions that the UnitedStates put in effect was to talk about the agreement that was going to beexecuted to avoid global warming and unite other countries with this idea tocarry it out; If the governor/government would follow the same steps our pastgovernor Barak Obama applied there wouldn’t be so many conflicts with othercountries and there would be more action towards problems like global warmingand peace between countries. It’s sad to think that in order to convince thegovernment and/or the society we have to convince the military forces aroundthe world so they can change the way people think about climate change to takea full-blown action towards this global issue.   One of the IGO’s that can provide help would be the InternationalAtomic Energy Agency (IAEA) this particular organization can help us with theissue that we are facing because it cares for all living things from thesmallest young seed on the earth to the oldest person alive. This organization was meant to provide apractical nuclear security in a peaceful and safe manner; the IAEA wouldhelp give support on why this issue is a massive conflict by stating facts ofwhat could possibly happen in the near future and convince the government andthe NSS on keeping this issue on the list. The IAEA can help plan out simpleideas that can make a huge difference to eliminate the climate change issue;reducing the amount of CO2 humans waste every day, stop cutting down trees,unplugging electronic devices that aren’t on use and make scientist experimenton earth to find solutions on ways we can make our earth a safe & healthyplace to live. One of the NGO’s that can provide help would be the Greenpeace;IAEA & Greenpeace work to help keep our planet a safe.

Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization that defends,exposes and confronts environmental problems. If both organizations wouldunite it would be a better way of letting the department of state know thatthis is something that shouldn’t be avoided and that neither the president orthe U.S military force should ignore; this situation should be pursued like anyother governmental problem because this effects all human beings; the world cancome to a devastating crisis in which the life cycle would be devastated.   I would evaluatethe foreign policy action as one with which we should work together regardlessof the problems or differences we have because we all belong to in this lifecycle.

I don’t agree with the government or governor to eliminate this serioussituation from the list because this is a disastrous conflict as well as manyconflicts that are seen today in many other countries. I would recommend thatall countries make agreements and not enter into war or conflicts that harm themental state of the people; if the world would speak, I would say how much painit feels to see everything that has happened in this time of crisis betweencountries. This is the time where we are supposed to be solving problems insteadof provoking them.


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