The Navy seals are name Navy SEALs because they take care of air,water, and land on missions and also for practise.In order to be a navy seal you have to go throw a lot of training on the classes is called BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition) it takes 6 months to graduate from the training school.Your first 5 weeks you will have to do a pre-training like you are in pre-school every month and a half you move up like as if you were in a school grade.You have to practise your mental and physical toughest to become stronger in the body and mind.

  There is more class for you to train for they call one week it is the hardest week of all you have to wrap arms with other mean lay down with your facing the ocean and waves hit you right in the face if you unlince arms you have to do 25 push ups they say that it can be done the first day.There is one class where they divide you into one team so you can practise teamwork. Also to pass this class you have to take a quiz and pass every thing strength,speed,and also trust.The only way to that is by doing all the drills they give you.You have to do 8 weeks of diving class you take that class 3 times a day morning,after lunch,and at night.

They throw the have at you running in flippers,obstacle courses,etc.  They give 5 and a half days of train a day that is your training.They say the best training is weapon train off and on land.They do rappelling,village and explosive trainings to prepare for what happens out there out on the field. After 9/11, the strength of SEAL Team 6 was raised to almost 300 but was only about 90-strong beforehand. In total, there are somewhere around 2,450 active-duty Navy SEALs. This amounts to only 1 percent of the personnel in the Navy.Other special operations groups exist in other branches of the military.

 Some people don’t realize that the Navy SEALs has its counterparts in the Army as the Green Berets, Night Stalkers, and Army Rangers. The special ops force of the Air Force is the Delta. Together, teams 1 and 2 ended up with a 200 to 1 kill ratio during the Vietnam War.

During this same to them every day with our low-rate VA home loan. And the Marine Corps has RECON and MARSOC. Each group of troops is specially trained above and beyond the training of other troops.Chris Kyle, a sniper on the US Navy SEALs, has eliminated so many enemies that Iraqi insurgents gave him the nickname “The Devil.

“We Support Our Troops.At Low VA Rates, we understand the difficulties of going through military training and of serving our country each day.   


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