The KhmerRouge took control of the Cambodian government in 1975, with the objective oftransforming the nation into a comrade agrarian utopia. In actuality, theyemptied the urban areas and evicted a huge number of individuals to work campswhere they were famished to death. The Khmer Rouge oppressed and persecuted theeducated — such as doctors, specialists, attorneys, and present or previousmilitary and police. Additionally, Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist were inparticular subjects targeted on. With an end goal to make a general publicwithout rivalry, the Khmer Rouge put individuals in aggregate living coursesand instituted “re-education” programs to energize the collective wayof life. Individuals were separated into classes that mirrored the confidencethat the Khmer Rouge had for them; the most reliable were called “oldcitizens.” The pro-West and city tenants started as “newcitizens” and could climb to “deportees,” then”candidates” and lastly “full rights citizens”; in anycase, most citizens never moved. The individuals who rejected re-education orany law were slaughtered in fields and at the scandalous jail camp Tuol SlengCentre, famously known as S-21.

It is assessed that almost 2 million Cambodiansdied in the 4-year rule of the Khmer Rouge, with practically no objection fromthe worldwide community. From that point forward, reconstructing the nation’seducation framework has been a top priority, and significant enhancements havebeen made.  


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