The dedication in succeeding after falling into a million holes. Liz the protagonist of her own story told us the story of how she decided to succeed after having two parents who weren’t the best. Her mother and father were addicted to drugs making them waste their money on the drugs than their children. At a very young age Liz starved and wore filthy clothes because of her parents obsession to drugs not leaving any money left for their personal care. As a healthy family having a clean home is a priority to everyone in the household. Liz had a horrendous house. Her house was always dirty making it a very horrible place to live at. Her mother got taken away to a mental hospital, leaving Liz alone with her father and sister. One day her mother came back when Liz had gone to school. Liz barely showed up to school but one of her teachers saw Liz’s potential. That day that Liz’s mom came back from the mental hospital, Liz’s mother told her she was dying because she had aids. Liz’s mother grabbed her stuff and left Liz alone with her father because Liz didn’t want to leave her father alone . A couple days later Liz’s social worker came and took her away to a group home. The reason why she was taken away was because her house was disgusting and Liz wasn’t going to school. Liz’s father let her go devastating Liz in a mental way. Once she was in the group home she saw life in a whole other way. She left the group home going back to her grandfather’s place, that was where Liz’s mom was with her sister Lisa. Once arriving there her sister told her to be patient with their mom because she was dying. Lisa despised her mother because the way she was. In the other hand Liz loved her mom. Liz believed in her mom loving her which was the only thing keeping her strong. One of the struggles Liz had was not having anyone take care of her. When Liz ran away with her friend at age 15 she would come back to see her mother. Liz’s mother was an alcoholic and everytime she was not sober Liz would take care of her. Liz would wash her mother and dress then put her to bed. Though everything Liz went through she loved her mother so much. Liz had to go through trash in order to survive. Liz wore her dirty clothes for many years barely taking showers. She had her ups and downs but she still rose high. At the end of the day we always wait until life hits us with an event to change our minds about something. Liz loved her mother and on the day of her mother’s funeral she promised herself she wouldn’t end like her. In order for her to succeed Liz knew she had to back to school. Liz applied to a charter school to try to get back all the school work she missed. Once the director gave her a chance she knew that she had to do all her best pushing her to take at least 10 classes to catch up. Liz realized she wanted to go to college and not just any college she wanted to go to Harvard. Yet she knew she needed money, she was looking for scholarship when she heard about the NY Times giving twelve thousand dollars for four years for college. As soon as she heard about this she applied and wrote the essay. She was given a chance for an interview. Liz didn’t have any clothes meaning she went back to her sister for help. When Liz went to her sister Lisa, Lisa told her that why would they give Liz a chance of the scholarship and that is how Lisa introduced the fact that she was going blind like their mother. That was Lisa’s fear becoming like their mother. Liz continued and went to her interview leaving the people she was speaking to speechless of her story. Finalizing this Liz did achieve what we all call the American Dream. The American Dream standing for success and a healthy happy life after hard work. Liz reached the American Dream by working hard after losing something she loved so much. She received the NY Times scholarship and she went to Harvard. Liz fought to be the best she could be. She knew that her only solution was school and that is what she did. She pushed herself and she became very successful. Both her parents were drug addicts with aids, her mother was legally blind and Liz was homeless making Liz a very strong woman by surpassing life’s challenges. 


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