The sheer amount of data that is collected by billions of IoT devices could contain valuable evidences from crime scenes, these evidences could be used in court to improve that someone is guilty or not and its importance not less physical evidences, regardless of its importance, collecting and analyzing evidences from IoT environment face many legal and technical challenges, this paper will try to summarize the most important challenges that are related to IoT forensics, beside the common approaches that have been developed to solve these challenges.    Index Terms—Internet of Things, IoT forensics, digital forensics.   1.

     IntroductionBillions of intelligent IoT devices connected to internet today, and it is predicted to be 20 billion devices by 20201. these smart, self-decision-making devices collect sheer amount of human and systems activities in order to take decisions and make our life more easer and productive. And since IoT records almost everything around us, that make the collected information and devices itself very valuable sources for digital forensics practitioners.   Digital forensics is the science that is interested in collected evidences from digital devices and analyses them in a way that is legally admissible in court, it has been evolved over past years to cover new technology and devices like PC’s, router, switches, and many other devices but when it comes to IoT, the nature of technologies that are used in IoT like RFID, seniors, Cloud Computing, mobility , proprietary protocols and others make traditional DFI techniques and tools are not enough to handle forensics operations. In this paper we will try to cover the most well-known challenges in the IoT forensics fields and the approaches that have proposed to handle these challenges, finally we propose an approach to solve the challenges that have not been covered, section 2 is a general overview of the IoT architecture, section 3 discuss the IoT challenges, section 4 cover the known approaches for IoT forensics and section 5 is the proposed approach.

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