The five areas that technology coordinators must address areall very closely related.  I believe thatif one of the five areas falls short, the others will be greatly affected.   Maintaining familiarity with all the areasalso seems to make long term planning and expectations more obtainable.                 The Otto-Eldred School District has two technology coordinators thatprovide an enormous service in the high school, elementary school, and in thedistrict office.  The lead technologycoordinator determines the necessity of supplies, network materials, andsoftware that is advantageous for the upcoming school year. The maincoordinator directs the second coordinator based on the help tickets andrepairs needed throughout the district.  The two coordinators are greatlyskilled individuals.

Their leadership in taking the roles to repair and maintainour equipment is more than a school district could ask for.  However, I amhesitant that the coordinators are driven enough to demonstrate and encourage moreadvanced technology progression that the district could potential advance tousing. The hesitation of advancement in technology is not strictly influencedby the technology coordinators.

  I believethat budget restraints also contribute to lack of new technology beingpurchased.   The main technology coordinator reportsdirectly to our superintendent.  Together, they make the determined budget and future technology plansfor the future year in the district.

  The Technology Coordinator Issue Model “shows five major areas ofleadership and responsibility shared by all technology coordinators.” (Frazier)The five areas are teaching and learning, end user support, planning andbudgeting, network operations, and administrative computing. The description of teaching and learning aspect provides the teacherswith the instruction, skills, and equipment to use technology in their date today classroom activities and curriculum. The integration of software that works well in the classroom to providethe teacher with supplemental resources is very importation.

  When using the software, providing a teacherwith the instruction on how to use the software, the teacher may then provideinstruction to the class of students in a lesson with the technology.  In addition, the students have the opportunityto learn that using the technology is beneficial.    Desktop support is needed to enable the district to purchase the most functionaltechnology for the faculty, staff and administrators.  The areas of technology included for thissupport are any desktops, laptops, tablets, and software.   Also included are any software updates thatare needed to maintain functionality of the equipment.I believe that the desktop support and the administrative computing arevery closely related.   Together they complementone another.

   The desktop supportfunctionality must be in top condition for the administrative computing tooperate and provide the information to the faculty, staff, and administratorsas needed.  If one system is not workingcorrectly, the other may not be able to perform and provide the district whatis required. Technology planning and budgeting are not simple processes.  It takes an understanding of all the equipmentand technology throughout the district to plan and prepare a budget fortechnology in a school district.  Toprovide service and maintenance for all areas, the department must work togetherto evaluate what repairs, replacements, and upgrades are the most needed.  This must also be done with consideration toexpense and budget.   The last area of leadership and responsibility discussed is the networkoperations.

  Network operations involveall of the previous discussed areas.  Inteaching and learning, the technology must work with the network to perform thetasks by the teachers. In the desktop support, they all must connect to thenetwork and maintain the information that is accessed on a daily bases as the administrativecomputing.  Finally, the technologyplanning and budgeting is also important for the network operations.

  If the planning and budgeting were notinvolved with the network operations, how would network repairs be done.  


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