The building called Villa Savoye is privatehome built in the 1928 for the Savoye family. It was designed by the Swiss-born architect Le Corbusier. The Villa rapidly has become one of the most influentialbuildings in the International style of architecture and cemented Le Corbusier’sreputation as one of the most architects of the 20th century.It is located just outside Paris and istotally surrounded by nature.

The landscape plays an important role in terms ofthe building`s proprieties. The Villa Savoye it`s a building with complexgeometry and undecorated white walls which exemplifies the International styleas well as Le Corbusier’s idea of purism.The entire exterior of the building followsthe shape of a box as seen from the drawing, which is raised using the well-knownpilotis also named as columns or stilts. The reason behind this aspect is thatthe main rooms of the building are located on the first floor allowing spacefor a roof with terrace which communicates with the surrounding landscape.  TheVilla Savoye is a key building which exemplified the International Style. It hada big influence on other architects’ buildings.

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 It iseasy see the similarities in the buildings of the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements,features like rectangular façade, concrete slab roof and connected spaces canbe found in all styles but they are represented most strongly in Villa Savoye.The presence of white walls is another aspect of the modernism style,frequently found in many examples from that period.The purpose of the building is to explore the concept ofthe “inside outside “using the International Style characteristics such as longribbon windows or even entire window walls which connects the environment ofthe house with the landscape outside as can be seen clearly these details inthe left hand side drawing. “The house is a box in the air, pierced all around,without interruptions, by a long window” Le Corbusier Thevilla is quite big having 408assurface.The villa was constructed taking in considerthe system “Five points” which Le Corbusier had developed in order to guide tohis modernist architectural style. The system needed pilotis tolift the building off the ground and allow air to circulate underneath; Functional roof serving as a garden and terrace to bring nature into an urban scenery; an open planthat allowed interior space to be spread freely upon the clients or architectswish; freely designed façade, this timenot affected by load; and ribbon glazed windows, providing illumination andinsuring that the environment is good ventilated.

The blend between indoor andoutdoor of the Villa Sevoye has allowed the family to spend time outwards in anefficient way.The flat land which surroundedby trees makes the building to stand out. The preferred main materialof construction was reinforced concrete as it was highly demanded at that timeas well as beam structure.Even if Le Corbusier`s concept of Five pointsovercomplicated the process of construction and then making the stay of theSavoye family a bit difficult , it remains an iconic fusion between the surroundinglandscape and the modern architecture.”The house should be amachine for living in,” as he declared.The Villa Savoye has cavity walls which ismade up of 2 layers of concrete masonry and a cavity between them allowing tobuilding to keep the warmth inside during the winterWhite plaster has been used on façade toemphasise the idea of purism, also for the windows Le Corbusier has chosen woodinstead of the higgle demanded steel in order to blend with the naturalmaterials from landscape such as wood.Villa Savoye’s detachmentfrom its physical context lends its design to be contextually integrated intothe mechanistic/industrial context of the early 20th century, conceptuallydefining the house as a mechanized entity.The house looks like isfloating on the pilotis as seen in the rough sketch.

The curved glass façade isdesigned in a way that the cars are able to turn in a circle way in the garage.These curved lines in the house as observed also on the spiral staircase,creates this harmonious effect blended with the straight lines inspired fromInternational Style.The design of the building allowsplenty of natural light to get trough as walls containing endless ribbons ofwindows and few internal walls because the reinforced concrete within thestructures supports the extra load. Although the boxy lookinglike structure is predominant in the Villa Savoye, the curved handrails and edgingsgives the impression of movement and free flowing as well as continuity betweenthe spaces located in the house.

Even though the building hasso many iconic characteristics and the structure is made out of the modern materialsat that time, the flat roof didn’t behave as expected due to the climate. Ithad major leaks and the owners hat to abandon it soon.ret


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