The new strategy that Dean wants to establish through the creation of a staircase implementation cell can be effective and does not have to be expensive given the existing data.It can also be effective and efficient depending on successful management and a full conviction of the idea and acceptance of its implementation.The question here is what are the estimated financial and non-financial costs to establish a work cell.Financial costsThe financial costs may be limited, but it won’t avoid the expense of infrastructure configuration, including re-development of the place. Provide enough equipment or machinery for each cell and each stage of work. Provide adequate storage space for raw materials. Workspace suitable for smooth and flexible work so there isn’t clutter. Costs can also include training and skilled workers to do specific work at a specific time without wasting time and raw materials.Non-material costs:A work interruption may occur due to changes in the work mode. This is accompanied by a reduction in the flexibility of employees or workers because they are still accustomed to getting used to it. There may be a shortage of skilled labor for a given period.The failure rate is uncertain, but it is rather likely. It depends on Dean’s ability in persuasion and conviction.Benefits:There are many advantages to establishing for a new style of work as a cell. The first of these benefits is the increase in productivity resulting from the organization of work, focusing on specific tasks, and at the same time, there is no waste of time. In addition, the control of time and the respect of delivery times lead to an increased demand for stairs and therefore a greater diffusion on the local and global market. This new organization not only for the staircase plan but for each plan within the company (windows, doors, etc.) means a better flow of products in general. Also, we can’t forget the importance of controlling and eliminating waste by limiting it, and also the possibility to recycle some of them and exploit them in other plans or cells.In addition, it isn’t possible to neglect also the benefits and developments that can be achieved for employees and workers (Department of Carpentry) including the improvement of their potential in terms of creativity and the development of different models for attracting customers, also motivate them for future work and so this is reflected on the competition in the market and at the same time realized the leadership of the company.I think it would be better if Dean organizes a meeting where all the finance directors, the HR director, will gather a number of qualified Joinery to announce the project to send an independent cell for the stairs. This new plan will not be subject to a referendum of acceptance or rejection and will not be negotiable. But the purpose of this meeting is to explain the plan and the debate on the introduction of a new cell at work.The method of involving employees in the implementation of the new work cell would give them legitimacy and quick acceptance among staff and even enthusiasm for proper functioning and improve productivity. Where they can manage to make them believe that it is a common resolution to the effect only if consulted. In addition, they need to know that this plan has become a necessity and not a choice in so many of the benefits especially for Joinery, allowing them the opportunity to focus on one goal (the design and manufacture of stairs, their skill, comfort, and the incentives they could get, so it helps to dispel this resistance to change.this process needs a lot of personal and analytical skills for the support rather than the style routine of a feasibility study .Dean is working on the creation of a new independent business unit of the main timber management unit. This cell is specialized in the manufacture of stairs of different sizes and different and innovative designs. The idea of ??creating this cell came because of many disadvantages of the Joinery Department in general. The most important of these defects is that customers complain about the delay in receiving their requests. Dean pointed out the late orders despite the efficiency and qualifications of Joinery due to the work environment, congestion inside the store and the accumulation of waste that takes longer than expected. There is no collective action, each worker takes care of a particular job and finishes all that is necessary, there is no work in chain. This impact on productivity, the drop in orders following the fall in profits, gives the opportunity to competing companies to sweep the market.The new plan, as Dean sees it, provides that the work will be collective in agreement with a qualified, highly qualified and experienced team. There may not be equality between the workers and not require a large number of workers, which is not important since the work is collective. So the whole team is responsible for the orders and not just one person as before. Stimulating the spirit of cooperation between members of the same team, Will give them autonomy in planning their work and their innovations. “This is reflected in the need for efficiency so that they develop their skills better”.Should Dean differentiate the working environment by providing distinctive work-wear such as T-shirts and distinctively painted machines, in order to reinforce a cultural change?The presence of a uniform uniform and the commitment of all workers gives a distinctive image of the place, showing an image of discipline, commitment and order, which increases people’s confidence in this place that provides a service or a particular commodity You will not need to buy a lot of practical clothing when you are engaged in a uniform outfit, which will save you a lot of money, which you spend on your business.Dean’s greatest difficulty is his inability to establish his plan and change the work system within the Joinery Department. That his plan does not receive enough support.It can be predicted that the success of his project in establishing an integrated work cell depends on successful management and careful implementation. “There must be a better way of running this place”


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