The story begin to an eight years old special boy name Ishaan Awasthi who has a special skill and he can do a lot of things that no one else seems to appreciate. Like small things for all of a children’s that are not important in world of adults. Ishaan is not doing great in school and he was very stubborn that cause  his parents didn’t take it anymore so they decided that Ishaan need to go to boarding school and they think that is the right thing to do for their child. So Ishaan was very sad becase he think that is a punishment on him. But things are no different at his new school and which caused Ishaan change he never wanted to paint again and his very quiet and he never want to talk too his family anymore.

And then one day a new art teacher name Ram Shankar Nikumbh who inftects the students with joy and optimism. Ram Nikumbh break the rule of ” how things are done” by asking them to think and imagine through the use of creative way in arts. When he saw Ishaan there is one thing that he see in Ishaan’s eyes depress and full of anger and its shouting for help.

Ram Nikumbh decided that he’s going to find out why Ishaan like that. He talk to Ishaan parents and said that their son is suffering from a DYSLEXIA meaning hard to read and write. And also he said that their son was very unique child and he need help for the people who  believe on him.

So Ram Nikumbh not double mind to help Ishaan on his situation because he saw himself in the situation of Ishaan. That’s why Ram Nikumbh did not lose hope and patience to help Ishaan. And because  he really wanted to help the kid on his own way he  became the private teacher of Ishaan he teach him on how to read and write. Ram Nikumbh did not lose hope and patience for Ishaan. Ram Nikumbh made an Art Contest with everyone can participate because the last thing Ram Nikumbh want to do is to see Ishaan’s beautiful painting. And Ram Nikumbh wanted to know for all the parents that all childrens in the world were special.


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