In This Essay I will be discussing how Alfred Hitchcock creates a disturbing experience in the film Psycho. When psycho was first released in the nineteen sixties, America was a relatively safe place to live with not many outstanding disturbing and horrific crimes. Also the films in the nineteen fifties and previous to that date were free of sex, nudity, bad language and violence, so as you can imagine Psycho came ad a very great shock. Psycho was a completely original film and it has become known as the source to all horror films because without Psycho we would be viewing films free of violence and nudity.

Hitchcock managed to manipulate the audience and alarm them before they even arrived at the theatre by having set viewing times, he also had trailers which created a lot of tension between the time you viewed the trailer and when you went to see the film. The fact that this film had set show times and an advert made this motion picture appear to be extra special. Whilst people were queuing for the movie, Hitchcock would often speak to the citizens via a public address system describing certain aspects of the film, which would also create tension.Once the audience had seen the film Hitchcock asked them to keep “the tiny little horrifying secrets” this made the film look even more special even when the film had ended, this created an effect on the film which seemed to make it unique for even longer than it need be. Furthermore Hitchcock did not allow the audience into the theatre after the film had started, this made the film out to be exceptional and that every second of the film counted and none of it should be missed.The killing off of the main character and heroine perhaps came as the biggest shock as this had never been done before and the audience would have been in complete disarray as they would have had no idea about what is about to happen after the character got killed. People have pitied and sympathised for Norman Bates due to his schizophrenia, because his own personality is kind, caring and innocent.

He also is not like a typical villain, Norman bates is not out to do damage but his alternate personality (his mother) is just looking out for Norman when she executes her victims.


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