The creation of Buddhism took place around 600-400 BCE. This time was a period of great social and religious change in India. There was a large disagreement with the Brahmanic rutial (The Hindu High-Caste). Siddhartha Gautama was the founder of a ‘sect’ or sramanas, one of the the new religions rising from Hinduism. He was the warrior of a king and was provided with many luxuries and pleasantries. He was said to have never seen aging, death, or sickness. One day he went outside the beautiful sanctuary of his home to discover human suffering. Siddhartha eventually sat down under a tree to meditate and by morning, had achieved Nirvana which guided him towards the true answers to the cause of suffering and how to release it. Now called the Buddha (The Awakened One) he lead a community of followers and taught them out of empathy for their suffering. After his death, his following gradually settled into monasteries and Buddhism grew from there.Buddhism has many beliefs, mainly Karma and The Four Noble Truths. Karma is a concept that has been regarded by several other religions. It states that whatever your past actions were, it will affect your future. They have a metaphor for this that explains how sowing good or bad fruit results in a good or bad fruit (phala). Old Buddhist writings suggest that not all of what we do or experience is from past actions, it may be the natural way of events. Karma also has effects beyond life. On the large scale, it determines in what state a person will be revived in in their next life. For example if you performed actions that were unethical or bad, in your next life you will be a creature of low status. However the aim of buddhism is to escape the cycle altogether. The Four Noble Truths are four essences of the Buddha’s teachings. First there is Dukka, the truth of suffering. Next is Samudaya, the truth of the origin of suffering. Thirdly is Nidorha, the truth of the cessation of suffering and lastly Magga, the truth of the path to the cessation of suffering.


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