The origin of socialism started many years ago. In 1825, people wanted and discovered the “New Harmony.

They craved a new life and a new kind of world. Robert Owen, a British industrial.He restricted child labor and he would pay sick days and he would care how his workers lived. For awhile, New Harmony was going good, but then it all corrupted… Robert was a great leader at first. He told his people how often they had to bathe, how much time they had to spend with their family, how often they have to take out the trash. He would not allow them to be seen drunk in public. Owen also created the first preschool which he described as the institute for the foundation of character. Later on, he purchased a new village in Indiana- religious one- in the wilderness.

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He called it “The Athens of the West.” During the years 1827 and 1828 everything was going smooth. Explorers, school levels from infants to adults, people talking about women’s rights. In 1826 The Declaration of Mental Independence. Then, as time went by, problems erupted.

There were many idealist, a lot of thinker but not a of doers. After two years and 7 declarations, Owen’s plan collapsed. In 1840, a man named Frederick Engles enforced female and child labor and during that terrible time, there were many diseases. At that time, “The Holes of Silence” was applied to the society.

Every Sunday the people would gather, and they would call it meeting instead of service and sermons were called lectures and they would sing of of books singing about equality and brotherhood. In 1895, Engles died and then the Das Kapital was written. It was a book of economic arts. A man man named Linen wanted to make a revolutionary in Russia and he used propaganda to steal the hearts and minds of people. He vanished to force labor camps. People died in camps, from machine guns, deported , starvation and famines.

Civil society and civilization stopped. A “nightmare” began.


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