The story of racism in America is a brutally simple one, the story is about the experience through slavery and segregation and as today still threatened by it, being locked up and shot in the public, but it has improved over the years much better what it was than before.

In this book, Coates shares his story to his son Samori about what it means to be a black person in America. He weaves his personal, historical, and intellectual development into his ruminations on how to live in a black body in America. The scene that happens in the movie theater illustrates his son that outside of the black-dominated communities, he is almost always going to be the one who is blamed.

That also in seeking to defend his son, he endangered his son is acting out in a white-dominated community.No matter what racist Americans do they will implicitly accept but to which they make no conscious claim. I personally think that this is true from back then and until now it’s definitely improved but it racism still remains in the country, as much they don’t want to admit it what they would do is try to do a bit of an effort to sabotage not necessarily being harmful to the minorities in America. As an example at the movie theater scene where a white woman pushed Coat’s son because she was white so she was rank higher than a black child, there was no exact reason why he was pushed but that was what coates thought was the reason why his son was pushed.

“And more: There was my sense that this woman was pulling rank.” (94) she would not have pushed his son if he was on Coates’s side because she, she would be afraid and scared there and would sense, and will think if this is such a good idea. Later after his son was pushed he was aware who the woman was he had to talk to her with rage, she was shock because most people don’t expect that most of them just harm those African Americans and usually avoid the situation and leave right away, unlike Coate’s situation and like any parent of the child when a stranger tries to hurt the body of his or her child he had the guts to speak up to her. As soon as Coates spoke to her a white man near help her in her defense, as any white person they wouldn’t protect African Americans they would just protect their people without knowing who was the victim and who was in the right and who was in the wrong. “A white man standing nearby spoke up in her defense….He had made no such attempt on behalf of my son.” (94) Back in the days, it’s always like these people standing up for their own race, but now it is still the same but people are standing what they think is right not just standing up for him or her because of the color of their skins. One of his message to his son is in one of his main themes is about the “Dream” which it’s about the world in which people call themselves white inhabit and the one they don’t want black bodies within, Early in the book he said the dream depends on people who grow up in society and they have no chance to advance in society.

The American dream desire comfort, security, a nice house in a suburban neighborhood, barbecues and pool parties, etc. It is what people who think they are white (Coates deconstructs biologically determined notions of race, explaining how whiteness and blackness are interchangeable constructs) strive for and proclaim is a noble goal. They close their eyes to anything that is uncomfortable, never actually believe themselves to be racist, and think that if they do attain the Dream it is due to their mettle and audacity alone, not the advantages provided by their putative whiteness. “Specifically, the host wished to know why I felt that white America’s progress, or rather the progress of those Americans who believe that they are white, was built on looting and violence.

” (5-6)  Later in the book Coates believes that the “Dream” is just a thinking created by white people to make people of color attempt to be the best they can be, whereas they can only go as far as they determine they can go, as preaching nonviolence only goes so far when a police officer kills Prince Jones or Michael Brown. Another message from Coates that he wants son to know that America believes themselves to be exceptional, the greatest and noblest nation ever to exist, the top one country. I believe that that the statement that Coates was true and still is today, many Americans I talked to they do believe that statement not necessarily the noblest nation but the greatest nation ever to exist. America stands to be the greatest nation because they once owned slaves back in the days, which really help the industry especially southern were rich because they had owned slave some part of lives. “America understands itself as God’s handiwork, but the black body is the clearest evidence that America is the work of men.

” (12) back in the days most White families owned at least one slave at home, it has only been African Americans working for White people never once the other minorities or even white do most jobs like African Americans, Coates knew that his portion of the American galaxy, where the bodies were enslaved by a tenacious gravity, was black and that the other, liberated portion wasn’t. Coates speaks to his son directly about the risks of being a young black boy – of having to be “twice as good” and to take responsibility for the actions of other black people, of having to know and follow “the rules,” of having to struggle more than everyone else. He knows his son has grown up differently than he did and their experiences of being black are different, he was different because he was raised differently by Coates he taught him things that most blacks parents don’t at such a young age, but the stark reality remains that inhabiting a black body in America is fraught with peril. It pains him that he cannot help his son or make it okay; it is profoundly frustrating to always be the “below” of one’s country, to always have to try harder. “You are growing into consciousness, and my wish for you is that you feel no need to constrict yourself to make other people comfortable. None of that can change the math anyway. I never wanted you to be twice as good as them, so much as I have always wanted you to attack every day of your brief bright life in struggle.

” (107-108) He does not want his son to live like the Dreamers; he does not want him to forget the need to confront the realities of life and to not simply pretend they don’t exist. He wants his son to be himself, to love as he wants, to not make other people comfortable, to not have to be twice as good and to be a conscious citizen.It distresses him that his son will grow up soon and he cannot protect him from people who may try to tell him that these are exaggerations or part of a distant past. He cannot protect his son from the police or security guards.

He cannot protect him from the rules designed to “protect” him from the violence of this world. Black children were always told to be twice as good, which strikes Coates as a lot of wasted time trying to get ready to go out in the world and navigate it without offense. “All my life I’d heard people tell their black boys and black girls to “be twice as good” which is to say “accept half as much.” (90-91) Another meaning of “be twice as good” to me is that be better than the white people from understanding from the book, basically, he doesn’t want his son to be like white people who are racist towards black people and do something that is right and the right way of doing it. In the book “Between the world and me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates is one of the deepest books I have read, He explains that the Dreamers will wake into consciousness.

The Dreamers continue to plunder the earth as they plunder black bodies. There will be a reckoning someday, but this is not something to hope for because when the Dreamers reap what they sowed, everyone else will as well. Black people must revel in their community and find joy in it because it is what they have. The struggle is hard but it provides meaning in this life.


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