The most common greenhouse gas in China is carbon dioxide; the gas creates holes in the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere causing the ozone layer to stop protecting us from the sun in that specific spot. The main greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. There are many effects of these strong gases being released into the atmosphere. All of these effects have a big impact on the environment in a bad way. Ice is melting worldwide which is decreasing natural habitats for animals such as penguins and polar bears along with other animals that need to live in colder habitats. Many species have been affected by rising temperatures. Sea levels have also been rising which can later on lead to severe flooding which will cause damage to homes and other buildings. Precipitation has also increased not just in China, but across the globe as well. One thing that is really scary about these temperatures rising so rapidly is that invasive species are thriving off of these warmer temperatures. This is what is happening across the globe for a brief introduction of global warming while China still has some of these affects happening to their country also. The five worst air qualities in the world are in Asia, one of them being China. Air quality is worsening each year.China is well-known for not maintaining a healthy environment. They still manage to have a bad environment despite their efforts of enforcing environmental laws. In China, 1.6 million people die each year due to air pollution. China has been burning 17% more coal since 2000. China has contributed 10% of global climate energy changes since 1750 which was the start of industrialization. China has been attempting to lessen these large numbers for emissions but, despite their efforts the country still emits 25 million tons of greenhouse gases every year. In these past years, they have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 250,000 tons. China doubled the United States carbon emissions in one year and the United States is the second leading country in most greenhouse gas emissions. China’s motor vehicles and power plants released 29% of world’s carbon emissions in 2013. Most of their emissions do come from heavy usage of coal. United States has amounted to 1,846 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This is a small fraction of what China’s emissions have been. China emitted 10.5 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2014. China notes constantly that they are not the only ones emitting these awful gases, they call out other countries such as Europe and the U.S. America does produce more emissions than China does on a per capita basis but, that is about it. The United States of America and China both need to focus on how to solve this problem but, for now, China is the main country that needs to get its act together.


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