The Traveller: Notes from an Imperfect Journey Around the World. By Daniel Baylis. Sparks Publishing Services Ltd (Suite C, 1st Floor, Hinksey Court, West Way, Botley, Oxford OX2 9JU | Registered in England No. 6414056), First Edition(V1.2), ISBN 978-0-9920882-0-0, 2013, 420pp. $25.00 (paperback).

 The material was originally revised on 21st November 2013. Daniel, 30, born in British Columbia, educated in Edmonton, holds a degree in Human Relations from Concordia University, living in Montreal, Canada, Daniel Bellis knew he wanted to travel around the world, but he would not be able to afford a salary without some extreme savings., after years of dreaming, finally decided to travel around the world for 12 months, ending his high-paying job and terminating his rent-controlled apartment. One of the main reasons for his business trip is to work on different volunteer assignments in each country, such as working on a vegetarian farm in Costa Rica, teaching English in Peru and Laos, and working at a goat farm in Israel.

In addition, Daniel encounters all sorts of people (good and bad) while on the road, which will make a huge difference to his life now and in the future.  This book is very enjoyable, especially since it is interesting to see things from my point of view and Daniel’s writing style is smooth and easy to read. Another aspect that I really like is that he is honest about all experiences, be it good or bad.

This shows that there is no place in the world, no matter where you are, does not have a perfect place or a country, and you have to do whatever you can. There are things that make me laugh out loud, thinking “yes, I will be there some day,” as I am inspiring to be part of Daniel’s organization. It is also cool to travel to various different countries, such as South Africa, Israel and Costa Rica, to other people’s memories of others, which adds to my desire to see the wishes of those places one day. Daniel has visited certain parts of Australia such as Gold Coast, Lismore, Sydney, New South Wales, Melbourne, West McDonnell, Alice Spring, and Brisbane on his last month of the expedition that excites me to travel alongside with him. This book is about work-exchange and volunteer travel without looking to give or receive charity but seeking to participate. During the visited of West MacDonnell near Alice Springs, he went to Swagman’s Rest Motel which is seem to be a nice place to rest.

At Namatjira Drive, the landscape is colourful and it wasn’t lush and monochromatic beige landscape, the topsoil was rusty red and pathway is pale green and low mountain range distance is purple. The serpentine chalet used to attract travelers to central Australia in the mid-twentieth century as an independent shrubbery camp that introduced all the amenities of a city hotel. In addition to the dusty foundations, it leaves only an old resort.


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