The famous “Diyar.e.Dil” actor Mikaal Zulfiqar is all set to play the role of a pilot in his upcoming movie Sherdil. Mikaal and Armeena are going to be the lead roles in this movie and it is said that the movie “Sherdil” is produced with the collaboration of Pakistan Air Force. Mikaal, in one of his interviews, told that he is very excited for this movie as it is mixture of action, comedy and romance. He further added that the movie revolves around his character and his journey of how he became the top fighter plane pilot.

In the movie, the character of Mikaal and his skills are appreciated and famous all over the world and he is known to be the top pilot among all. The fun and the comedy lies all in his journey and his struggle to become a pilot. Mikaal also revealed that he is quite excited about his role because as a kid he always dreamed to become a pilot. The dream is about to come true but only in the movie because he might get a chance to sit in the plane or get a ride of the plane as a passenger. Furthermore, he feels really proud to wear the Pakistan Air Force uniform and considers it an honor that he is getting a chance to represent the Air Force of his country. The movie “Sherdil” is a big budget film and it has a lot of amazing actions scenes that will drop your jaws for sure.

Also, the film is being shooted in different beautiful areas of Islamabad and a part of the film is going to be shot in Egypt too. This film is expected to release by the end of this year and right now it is in its production phase. What’s more exciting about this film if the fact that it is being produced by some very famous, cinematographers and actors and it is being directed by Azfar Jafri who recently made two amazing movies Janaan and Parchi. Pakistani cinema always creates some amazing forces based movies and “Waar” is one good example of it. The actors and directors are working day and night to make the Pakistani cinema prosper and improve and Sherdil is also expected to do the same. Almost everyone is expecting Sherdil to be another blockbuster, our fingers are still crossed so let’s hope for the best for Sherdil.



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