The unicorn walked slowly toward you, hair drifting in the wind. You look down and see an abyss, you fall.

Ding-dur-a-ding, ding-dur-a-ding- ding-dur-a-ding. You wake up in a cold sweat. You think as you go to take a shower, ‘What was that all about? Ugh, I’m so tired! I shouldn’t have stayed up talking to Ava!’ After your shower you get ready slowly, taking your time like you normally do. ‘Don’t rush, you have plenty of time!’ you think as you comb your long, dark brown hair that goes down to your waist. Then you look at your watch, it’s 8:00! ‘Oh, I’m so late, if only I hadn’t stayed up!’ This is one of the main concerns of many parents with students going into the 6th grade. As an 8th grader, soon to be a high schooler, I have my personal sleep schedule where I go to bed around 9:00 or 9:30 and have an alarm that will wake me up at precisely 5:45 to take a shower before my other siblings do. The only problem with this schedule is that my sister is in color guard and my brother in football and basketball.

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My other sister is in cheerleading, and the other is in college. We have so much going on, we are either on the weekend and going to the eldest brother’s college football games and so we get back at around midnight or we are down at our hometown visiting with family. Also, my youngest brother, since he plays basketball, will have games that end around 9:00. My eldest sister and I are in Yearbook Club so we clean until around 9:45 or so. We get home around 10:30 and we still have yet to eat. Getting to bed around 11:30 or midnight.

Also, my other sister does colorguard, she has competitions with the band. She would of had conferences all over the United States if she were in Winter Winds, which has practice after school and goes to around 9:00 unless you stay back to help clean. The result is tired students and dark circles around the eyes, caused by teachers and staff alike.

So I plead with you, have games and competitions on weekends, so that the kids will get good grade faster and so they are always on top of their game, whatever that may be. I request you to keep this in you head as you go about your day, I also hope the unicorn didn’t confuse you.Thanks for considering, Brooklyn Schultz


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