Theparks is in Utah, United state.

Latitude is 38.7331*N, 10.925*W is longitude.It’s in north of moab in the states of Utah. The dimension is 306 feet which islonger than a football field. The highest elevation is 5,053 feet (1,723m) andthe lowest elevation is 4,085 feet (1,245m). The high temperature is 43.

1 *Fand low temperature is 21.4 *, average temperature is 32.3 *F, averageprecipitation is 0.

15 inch and the average snowfall is 2 inch. July is thehottest month and January is the coldest month of the year. Wettest month ofthe year is October. April is drist. Arches NP has more than 2000 naturalsandstone, Red rock made national park, Arches NP located in eastern Utah inUS.

                         FirstEuropean to explore the area were spanish, their mispoins was in CA but theirsettlement in Mexico. The people who explore they were actually happy about it.Arches became a NP on Nov 12, 1971 before that it used be National Monument onApril 12, 1929. President herbert Hoover designed it as a National Park.Thefirst builder in Europe were Roman, Hunter gatherers were the first human toinhabit Arches NP so they came to area to make tools like knives, darts,scrapers.                             TheNational Park is above an underground evaporite layer. Glacial events arebasically three gossips and other parie is a rock information.

Earthquakescould happen by even small faults. Soft red sandstone made the most offormations of Arches 150 million years ago. The unique rock formation areDelicate Arch, Balanced rock and landscape Arch. Spires balanced rocks,sandstone fins are the main cause of formation. Erosion removed the youngerlayer from the surface.             Grassescovered deep soils tend, shrubs are like black brush. And the pinyon-juniperwoodland.

The trees are celtis reticulata. Populus fremontii, Russian Olive andTamaristle. Large animals are mule deer, desert cottontail and black taitelJack rabbit, Small species are rats, woodrats, skunk bats and owls. Deosity is4 miles which is skm north of Moab, Utah. Endangered species are Bald Eagle andMexican Spotted owl.

The number off highway vehicles like atrs, UTV can’t gothere.  You can waste acouple hours or parts of your day, driving in 36 mile through Arches NP. Housesare acceptable in Arches.

There are also backcountry acceptable to just goground. You can camp there too. It’s amazing place to climb. You can fish inthere. There can be winter activities in between November and February.  


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