The outcome variable for my APA Report is mental and physical exhaustion.

Mental and physical exhaustion results from surfeit, perpetual stress. Signs of mental and physical exhaustion are imperceptible initially and exacerbate overtime. Mental and physical exhaustion symptoms manifest in the mind, physical body, and through our emotions which tend to impact our behavior negatively. This outcome variable is interesting because mental and physical exhaustion isn’t just something that induces overnight, it’s a cumulative process that builds up over a period of time. What makes this even more interesting is that mental/physical exhaustion trigger incessant inflammation and chemical imbalance in our bodies; however, not only in our bodies, but in our thinking, emotions, and our spiritual lives (National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2017).

Subsequently, striving to manage stress and balance life challenges is a ongoing concern in our society.  Therefore, it’s vital for people to take out time to assess the amount of stress in their life beforehand, to find ways to reduce it before it’s too late. Burnout is when an individual encounters a state of chronic stress that induces physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion (Carter, 2013). My causal theory is that mental and physical exhaustion (stress) causes burnout because before one knows they’re burned out, they’ve experienced the symptoms of mental and physical exhaustion. Some symptoms of burnout include lack of sleep and energy, feeling drained, stressed, feeling of hopelessness, headache/heartaches, depression/anxiety, loss of appetite, etc (Carter, 2013). In the latter stages, these signs and/or symptoms develop outrageously making you feel physically and mentally exhausted.

Essentially, burnout is a product of high demands, working hours, and other stressors that outruns rewards and relaxation (National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2017). Unfortunately, burnout doesn’t just affect the mental state, but it’s a disorder that leaves a mark on the brain and the body. Conclusively, this causal theory and outcome variable leads to my research question: “Does mental/physical exhaustion (stress) cause burnout?”


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