The figure X shows the relationship between Dive Shop with otherstakeholders.

  Dive shop, as wasdiscussed in the theoretical framework, is one of the primary actors in thedive tourism ().  The relationship between dive shop and the nature, the study by…who has examined the impact of Dive operators to thenature has revealed that dive operators tends to form a habit and preferring oftaking their clients to visit the same sites on a continual basis which meansthat every time a group of beginner divers go on board they would be visitingthe same site as the previous groups of novice diver.  On the other hand, this repetitive can resultin the overuse of resources and also inevitable damage to coral reefs. Thestudy by… who has been studied Coral reefs on Koh Tao has declared KohTao….  And this necessitates a seriousattention by all dive shops to improve their practices before coral reefs willbe more damaging.  Many studied haverevealed how Dive operations can affect on coastal and marine resource () ()(). Boat anchoring as an example can widely damage both corals and other lifein the benthos region as a result from anchor dropping (Hale & Olsen,1993), furthermore, the movement of the anchor chain can impact marine life inthat area (Dinesen & Oliver, 1997).

A study conducted by the journal.. Hasrevealed one of the major factors which decrease growth rates of coral reefsand increase an opportunity of coral disease and mortality (Kaczmarsky, Draud,& Williams, 2005). The use of speeding vessels and long-tail boats can aswell interrupt the wildlife interactions and intercourse or injure the socialbonding of marine wildlife.

Consequently, there are general standard requirementshave been released for a dive shop to follow. The guidelines for both boats-oriented activities such as anchoring,litter and waste released, ship grounding on coral reefs and water-orientedactivities such as diving, snorkeling, walking on the reef, and watching marineanimals which guideline is mainly concentrating on environmentallysustainability (Harriott, 2002).


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