Process analysis writing is a kind of work that requires giving certain instructions in order to introduce or describe something, or take some steps. This form of writing is widely used in numerous literary works and other pieces of writing like newspapers, weblogs, etc.

With the help pf process analysis writing, writers get one more opportunity to make some reliable piece of advice and use illustrative examples to show that correct following may lead to quite positive outcomes. The American Way of Death is one of such literary works, the author of which uses process analysis writing form and focuses her attention to the details, inherent to funerals. It is necessary to underline that process analysis aims at presenting of the steps in the chronological order and helping other people to complete significant or just obligatory processes.

The writers, who are eager to use process analysis form of writing may also achieve the purpose and just explain how things under consideration happen and what outcomes should be expected. There are several types of process analysis: informational (describe how the things happen) and instructional (offer the instructions to follow). (McCall 13) If a person wants to know more how to cook something or arrange just a perfect meeting, he/she should certainly pay attention to process analysis writings in order to find out a good piece of advice, analyze the example, and clear up what should be done in order not to feel sorry for something that has been already done and could be done never. The American Way of Death is a kind of research, conducted by Jessica Mitford, the author, where certain directions within funeral industry. In 1963, this book appeared for the first time and changed many people’s points of view considerably. Without any doubts, death is something that you know about for the whole life, but cannot comprehend why it comes one day and takes the most significant person in this life.

To help readers overcome difficulties and be ready to funerals, Mitford describes several ways of how any funeral instructions may take advantage of friends and relatives of a dead person. As a true process analysis writing, The American Way of Death concentrates readers’ attention on funeral industry, its secrets, and important details. To my mind, it is an informative type of process analysis, as the author prefers to describe some events and use more and more real life examples. “I want to help them grieve properly.” (Mitford 10) This very phrase may serve as a kind of motto for this paper.

The author does concentrate on details and does not want to create some general situations. She does not afraid to criticize funeral industry, paying attention to both emotional and financial losses, which are so inherent to the Americans. The witty manner of writing, chosen by Mitford, cannot leave indifferent any reader. It is better to be ready to fight and win in the battle that may happen between people and funeral industry. When one person loses somebody he/she loves much, depression is not the best way out. Hilarious attitude to funerals cannot but help many people to be strong and be the winners in this battle against funerals and in this life.

Process analysis writing is a frequently used form that lots of writers prefer to use in order to create worthwhile projects. The American Way of Death turns out to be a good example of such type of writing and provides its readers with another chance to look at funerals in another way and cope with all the difficulties in this life.

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