Rapid and high tempo music is introduced, this indicates action, and it is proportional to the new speed of the trailer. We are confronted with the generic conflicting working relationship between the unconventional Police Officers and their sergeant, portrayed in the prequel and films like Beverly Hills Cop. The Sergeant wanting the Officer to conform but the boisterous officers do not acknowledge a word he tells them.

Peter Stomare plays the role of the stern Sergeant; his distinction in The Matrix has earned him numerous accolades. He is renown for his wit and humour.In the trailer he does not disappoint. In a witty context, he questions the heroes ‘ what is your job description.

TNT. Tactical Narcotics Team, displaying skill and finesse. What finesse was displayed in your work today? ‘ This plants the seed of curiosity into the minds of the audience; they are left wondering what happened. This might make them want to quench their curiosity by watching the film. The attitude in the trailer becomes apparent, with quick clips of a flamboyant mansion being exploded and an exciting car chase, and beautiful women.The trailer use scenes of a sexual nature and explosion to entice the audience to come and see the film.

We end with a car chase, where Mike the cool calm Casanova is driving at high speeds in a brand new Porsche. He is in pursuit of a car transporting armed criminals. Whilst pursuing the assailants he has to avoid an abundance of miscellaneous objects flying into his path, most unusual is a gigantic speedboat. This would attract car lovers, adults, and action fans. The purpose of this is to show the audience that the film has an abundance special effects and exciting moments.Will Smith has a world wide fan base from his previous films and series. He has starred in non-other than two Academy Award nominated films of the highest esteemed films like sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day, Enemy of the State and he was an Oscar nominee for Ali. With few critics and abundance of fans, he is a popular actor; he would bring bounty of people to see the film just to see him.

Martin Lawrence is a great comedian and a good actor. He holds the uncanny ability to make any situation comical, as shown in the first scene of the trailer. Off screen Lawrence is often in the news for his outrageous antics.He brings a hint of controversy. The trailer is exciting and humorous, and has hard-hitting action. In conclusion, the trailer is very funny and appealing. This created with funny and witty acting of the three superstars, along with the special effects and gripping dialogue it creates a fantastic trailer The last trailer is too fast for me to take in one go and too furious for me not to be excited at the prospect of watching the film. Literately, it is simply 2 fast and 2 furious.

2 Fast and 2 Furious is the sequel to the unexpected blockbuster The Fast and the Furious.It is an exhilarating, fast and furious extreme car bonanza. Police Officer Brian O’conner (Paul Walker) teams up with his ex-con friend Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) to transport a shipment of “dirty” money for shady Miami-based import-export dealer Carter Verone. While actually working with undercover agent Monica Clemente (Eva Mendes) to bring Verone down. The film will attract the majority of the audience from the prequel. With the addition of Tyrese Gibson as the new heartthrob will bring an even bigger audience. Gibson is an established actor from films such as Baby Boy and he is an R;B singer.

Gibson makes the film culturally diverse, as he is a prominent black male in the film and he would appeal to a black audience. Looking for a black hero that does not die before the end of the film. Furthermore Women would be attracted to him, as has a muscular physique and sexual allure.

Adolescents and adults would enjoy the film, but it would be a predominately male audience due to the prolific technical jargon about automobiles and shots of aesthetically pleasing women. On the other hand, women will probably find the two heartthrobs attractive as well.The trailer commences with a black background and blue writing saying ‘this summer’. The purpose of this is to tell the audience when they can expect to see the motion picture at the cinemas.

Simultaneous to this, you can hear the rev of an engine, the purpose of this is to raise the expectation of the audience before the scenes from the film are introduced. Also it is a metaphor for the start of the film because if a car is revving up is has not started yet just like the trailer. This is good because it raises expectations. The first person you see is famous rapper Ludacris.Ludacris is a worldwide rap icon, this means he will have an immense fan base that might go to see a film.

On the other hand, he could bring critics of rappers trying to become actors but it would also be free advertising. The atmosphere is highly charged, the entrance of a leading character is imminent. As expected Brian O’conner appears, in an acceleration towards the screen in a boy racer fashion driving in a flamboyant sports car. His entrance emphasises the tone of the trailer fast and furious; this makes the audience feel excited.

Words appear on the screen in the same format as previously, it reads ‘the new models are in! ‘ this shows models in the form of the high-tech sports cars. The objective of this is to emphasise that the new film still holds the old values of the first. The accelerated and exciting pace of the film commences in a car race involving the heartthrob O’Conner. The determination for this is to stop the excitement from reaching an imminent climax. We are introduced to the actress in the motion picture, played by Eva Mendes in her first major role. Her stunning beauty radiates throughout the trailer.

This would make men want to see more of her and go and see the film. She displays abundance of attitude and to coin a colloquial phrase ‘girl power’. She says ‘keep your eyes on the road cowboy! ‘ she is confronting O’conner whilst he is accelerating to speed of excess of 120mph.

The incentive for this is to show that the supposed weaker sex in this case is as fearless as her male counterpart. This should evoke pride in a female audience and make them want to see more of the strong, fearless female character. Proceeding that we are introduced to the other half of the new duo.Gibson is introduced simultaneous to O’conner stopping his speeding car. This transfers the energy of one character to the new one. Gibson arrives in an extravagantly flamboyant mauve convertible.

This establishes Gibson as a sassy, seductive, suave and dangerous sex symbol. He introduces a ruff and rugged hard edge element to the trailer. To create a rebellious persona for him, Mendes ask ‘what is his problem? ‘ Gibson replies forthcoming clip, he states ‘I have a problem with authority’ this creates tension, as O’conner is an authority figure.Gibson is a self-proclaimed bad arse; he displays an abundance of male bravado and attitude, this is an interesting contrast to O’conner. O’conner asks Gibson if he is ready for a adventure, Gibson abruptly replies with ‘crooked cops, drugs, gun and murders! I was made for this bruv’ this hard hitting dialogue is captivating and informative as it tells the audience what they can expect if they came to see the film. In the final shot, Gibson rips off his tight shirt to reveal his muscular physique. I female audience would be enchanted by this particular scene because of the sexual nature of the scene.To conclude, they have endeavoured to please all eligible audiences.

From the cinematic preference of a young male audience; expeditious and flamboyant automobiles to young divine women. Simultaneously, they attempted to accommodate the cinematic preferences of women; good strong dialogue and an emotional story line with character who have the ability to go up and down the emotion spectrum. Let us not forget voluptuous leading men with chiselled physique. All of these preferences have been established, this has resulted in a good trailer. After some long hard deliberation, the jury is back and the best trailer is Bad Boys II.Clear and Present Danger offered a strong storyline and it did have a copious amount of established actors, but it was not charismatic enough and the trailer was dearth in attitude, this rendered it emasculated. 2 fast and 2 furious was a one-sided affair in the trailer, it needed more diversity, it had action, charismatic scenes oozing from plethora of orifices nevertheless its theme was ineffectual. I think Bad Boys II was the perfect article.

With a good plot, excellent special effects and amazing acting, it left an imprint in your mind and left the audience augmented to the trailer.It had abundance of attitude and charisma. Throughout the trailer, the tension was phenomenal, hilarious comical relief frequently broke this.

I would go to see it because I thought the first film had enormous potentially that could be released in spectacular sequel. Therefore, I fathomed the final product would receive my seal of approval. All of the trailers have immense potential and will most likely achieve success in different audiences. They all have their own individual characteristics that make them auspicious in their own way.


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