Theprocess of handling food to slow down food spoilage that allow for longer foodstorage is the meaning of preserving food.

Usually food preservation involvepreventing the growth of bacteria, fungi, and microorganism. There are manymethods designed to preserve food. One of the methods is freezing. Freezing is themost commonly used processes commercially and domestically to preserve food. Hereare the benefits of using freezing methods to preserve food.            Freezingis the process of decreasing the temperature of foodstuffs until the food isfrozen. In these frozen temperatures the food is preserved because the microbescan not grow and the enzymes are inactive.

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According to Irmang Gasali, the growthof bacteria below 10°C temperature will be slower with the lower temperature.When the water in the food is completely frozen, there is no more bacterialcell division. The slow growth of microbes at these lower temperatures formsthe basis of the cooling and freezing process in food preservation.

            Freezingis storage below the freezing point of the material, so the material is kept ina frozen state. According to Irna Fajeri, good freezing can be done at atemperature of about -17°C or lower. At this temperature the bacterial growthcompletely stops.

Good freezing is usually carried out at temperatures between-12°C to -24°C. With freezing, the material will hold for a few months,sometimes even several years. Foodstuffs such as meat can be stored between 12to 18 months, fish can be stored for 8 to 12 months and beans can be storedbetween 12 to 18 months.Freezing alsohas several advantages over canning.

Freezer containers are cheaper thancanning jars and lids. According to Cygnet Brown, the simple blanching processemits less heat into the living space and requires less initial energy usagethan canning does. Freezing also preserves vitamins better than canning does.            In conclusion,there are a lot of methods to preserve food, and one of the methods is freezing.Freezing is the process of decreasing the temperature of foodstuffs until thefood is frozen. Freezing is storage below the freezing point of the material,so the material is kept in a frozen state.

In these frozen temperatures thefood is preserved because the microbes can not grow and the enzymes areinactive. With freezing, the material will hold for a few months, sometimeseven several years.


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