The use of Suppressors: Useful, or Unreasonable? Throughout the years, weapon manufacturers have made great strides in the weaponry business by introducing more attachments for their equipment. One of these innovations is the suppressor. This item in particular has become the foundation of great debate. The argument is that as they suppress the sound of gunfire, they also pose a threat to others by potentially quieting the sound of an attack on others.

Suppressors are made to make the use of a weapon safer for others and possess more positive aspects than negative. Suppressors give the user the ability to fire their weapon without the use of ear protection. This makes using them safer for the individual firing the weapon and also for anyone around the weapon. If someones home were to be invaded and their lives are in danger, they would be able to protect themselves and their family without causing harm to themselves. In a realistic setting if an individual needed to use their weapon, they would not take the time to put in ear protection. Earbuds also cause more issues by making it harder for the individual to hear if anyone is approaching, yelling, etc. Even through all that, people are concerned that it will make it easier for criminals to harm others by being able to suppress the sound of gunfire. This is absurd, suppressor do not silence the sound of gunfire, the discharge of the weapon is still audible.

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It just makes the weapon quieter to not exert as much concussive power. People are under the impression that suppressors deafen the sound of gunfire to the equivalent of a whisper. This is a lie that hollywood has encouraged throughout the years. Suppressors are made to lessen the sound, not eliminate it entirely. Suppressors are meant to make the use of weapons safer. They aren’t a tool only for criminals to harm others. They are a useful tool for home protection and ear protection in situations where earbuds are not an option.

There is a harmful stigma against suppressors, but those individuals are ignorant to their actual use, they rely mainly in hollywood. Suppressors are a tool. Weapon manufactures didn’t make a product just for criminal activity. In order to form an opinion against suppressors, people need to be better informed on its true purpose and functionality. References


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