The numerical simulation of reservoirs is now one of the fastest growing organisms in the oil sector in recent decades, due to the demand for reliable predictions of the reservoir’s performance. Advances in electronic computing hardware and the significant improvement of numerical analysis methods have been two important factors in the results achieved in numerical modeling of reservoirs. These models have made important contributions to improving oil recovery. Tank models are used to understand and predict reservoir performance.

One of the most important activities during the development and management of oil fields is the chronological matching process. The model of coincidence is fundamental to allow reliable future predictions and to give an idea of ??the level of understanding of geological and reservoir models. Based on the available field production data and the complexity of a repository, the chronological matching process can take a long time. To obtain the combined model, it is possible to make some changes to the geological and reservoir models, mainly in those attributes with greater uncertainty, for example the relative permeability curves, their distribution through the reservoir and other parameters with few samples. One of the objectives of this work is a historical coincidence in Zhaozhouqiao specifically oil field in the Zh86 Block using Schlumberger Petrel-RE 2014 simulation software.

Comparing the history will be made based on trial and error by modifying the properties of the reservoir sizing downs and modeling and including groundwater support in the system. The best historical coupling was obtained by modifying the critical water saturation (SWCR) in the system, modeling an aquifer support using the Carter Tracy Aquifer model and modifying the horizontal and vertical permeability of the model. After reaching the historical coincidence, two prediction strategies are developed and compared, in which we perform direct modeling to generate a certain level of confidence in the reservoir model. Production indexes; Water cutting, water production, oil production and oil well rates and the field as a whole were envisaged. The results of the indices were presented as a function of time and analyzed.

The results showed that the Zh86 block in the Zhaozhouqiao oil field remains very promising in terms of production. In the reservoir model, an assessment of the uncertainty and sensitivity was carried out to analyze the impact that some properties of the reservoir have on the volume calculations and on the results of the simulation in the reservoir model of the Zh86 block. You can see the impact of uncertainty on our contact locations and Sw on volume calculations in this model.

the impact of grid resolution in laying horizontal wells was studied, a synthetic block diagram Zh86 was constructed by selecting different resolutions both the laterally and vertically mesh, and then the properties were extended to models and placed well below a shale zone waterproof on each model to determine the optimal position. Using a model with a fine grid resolution allows you to place the well in the best position in the tank model.


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