Tesco has beendeveloping ideas for the new technology that is RFID, with a view to aligningit to its underlying business strategy. RFID stands for “Radio FrequencyIdentification” which is the simplest form the technology that providesTesco’s clothing line F the ability to tag and track items. However, the implications of this arevast. For example, stock movements can be tracked; items in transit can bemonitored, therefore full visibility of all products in the company’s inventorycan be viewed at any time.

This technology has really helpedin total management of the supply chain as well as the product outlets withleast human support and an unbelievable speed. RFID tagging is somewhatcontroversial because the tags could theoretically be cloned or used forillicit tracking There are many Ethical Issues of RFID usageFirst issues is Privacy, this issue is the most important one because it canallow other persons violating the privacy of users of this technology by usingreader device for RFID. They can get all information of a user and use thisinformation in illegal way. Add to that, they can enter into prohibited areas. The second issues is Radio FrequencyIdentification harmful for human body, this can be done by tags injected underthe skin this will make our live in a dense field of electromagnetic waves.

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Athird issue is Government control of Radio Frequency Identification technology.This technology will lead Government to track every movement of People. Thiswill decrease freedom of people by flowing their movement (Lockton et al.,2005).

 Other ethical and social issues are; 1. Hidden privacy and cookie policiescontained in the terms and conditions are misleading to the stakeholder2. Artificial Intelligence, AI. – In implementing an AI,Careers could be lost and slowly replaced by machines3-Unethical trading with suppliers became a big issue for Tesco sometimes backbut some of its shareholders during some annual general meeting. Ever sinceTesco has adopted an accountable and higher standards in its dealings withsuppliers and farmers in low-wage countries.Today, Tescois following the data protection act 1998 and are strongly committed to keepthat information private and should not sell to other third party.


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