“Terrorism is a crime against humanity and cannot be tolerated… The United States will not solve the problem of terrorism simply by punishing terrorists or going to war. To focus only on those who perpetrate terrorist acts is to treat the symptom rather than the disease(page 41.O4).

“The US must join together with other world powers in pursuit of a better, healthier, more peaceful and more educated planet for every human and animal to enjoy. We can no longer stand by idly in the face of poverty and injustice.   The United States must also do more to address root causes of terrorism and stop the hate at the source. Terrorism is rooted in deep contempt for the United States government; which has had a history of supporting ruthless and brutally undemocratic suppression of peoples in these countries, namely Muslim majority countries.

The US has given aid and support to undemocratic leaders and dictators. Our military has set troops up in places beyond US mandate; has sent repeated drone strikes into varyingly populated areas and lead to and aided in the destruction of infrastructure, homes and families in the pursuit of terrorists.No longer can we support systems that leave masses powerless politically and socially.

Systems that cut health care and education to our elderly and young people. We can not allow human rights to be buried and pushed aside for financial gain. The US most protect itself and it’s people at home; but doing so is not possible when it comes at the cost of torture and bombings, of becoming exactly the beast that “terrorists” are trying to fight and birthing new generations of desperate people turning to terror. No what we, the US have been doing has shielded to an extent; but the threat of terrorism is still present and the terror will only evolve and change to be even more brutal if nothing changes.

The United States must also end our support of governments and states that do not uphold human rights and commit to upholding international law; not as mindless robots but as humans with empathy and compassion.To reduce the threat of terrorism one must first examine the reasons terrorism exists and what fuels it. You cannot fight a grease fire with water. War will not end terrorism but only add to the death toll and misery considerably.  Instead of perpetuating violent cycles of pain, hopelessness, and terror the United States of America needs to be the model country it claims to be.

The Us Security and Privacy violations:”Above all, if we surrender our rights and liberties in the name of fighting terrorism, we will have changed the country we were defending for the worse.”


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