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Chips is situated
at the heart of a strong community of residential, office and commercial properties.  Over the past year, Tony’s Chips
has experienced a 30% growth in its customer base and is now looking to expand its services to an innovative e-commerce platform that will allow customers to order for meals through an online platform thereby improving
the quality of service offered to over 35,000 residents living around Tony’s
Chips. The current website will be redesigned in order to
connect all Tony’s
Chips branches to create a standardized range of products and services in all the restaurants.



The current Tony’s Chips website
is hosted on
a free hosting service using the Word press application and
has since outgrown its design and functionality.  The website generates a lot of traffic which the owner cannot exploit because the
free hosting package does not allow for posting of food related advertisements.  The website also has a Poor page layout and
the content is rarely updated. The free word press hosting
plan supports few usable features which does not include a search and sharing functionality.

complete website redesign will incorporate usable features for categorizing
food adverts, searching through
menu items and providing for online payment
options such as credit card and PayPal options. A registration process for advertising on the website
will be introduced in order to maximize on the network traffic and allow Tony’s Chips to be able to advertise the list of dishes it offers  on the restaurant menu. A Shopping cart
functionality will be integrated within the system to allow for ordering of
food through the website to reduce the long queues at the restaurant.



Chips new website seeks to attract more business to the company by, making
services easier to access through the online platform. A complete redesign of Tony’s Chips old website, will improve
search functionality, facilitate content creation and allow for editing of
calendar of events system.

An interactive website will be critical to the success of Tony’s Chips e-commerce platform. If
navigation is difficult, or users are directed to unavailable pages, the
user experience can be negative. The use of a website template will allow for a
standardized Design across all subpages to give a consistent look and behavior
across the application. The visual appeal of Tony’s Chips website will be
optimized using uploaded pictures and graphic files for quick browsing and provide visual choices from a wide
variety of food products including their prices and ingredient lists. The online food catalog will act as a self
service platform in order to reduce the dependence of phone call deliveries.

new website should therefore provide engaging content to the customers in order
to enhance the restaurant services. Building an interactive website that
promotes communication between the customers and the fast food franchise will
reduce the monotonous content on Tony’s Chips website. A wide variety of
content will be updated regularly, including links to outside resources within
the website. A content management system (CMS) will be incorporated within the
website to provide the tools that support updating of the website content and
logically organize them into lists that can be shared on multiple social
networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter. Incorporating these Social media platforms
within the website will allow the customers to interacting directly with the restaurant by expressing their opinions through posts,
discussion forums and feedback’s. Tony’s Chips will be able to provide better service to customers
through personalized services such
as email subscriptions that will send out mass newsletters
containing special offers to all its customers with just one key stroke.


interactive website for a service is best developed using an agile methodology.
Agile software development methodology is based on iterative and incremental
development steps. It deals with changing user requirements that are
unpredictable and changes fast. Work can be separated in different parts or
iterations where each team member presents a potentially finished product. The
designers will be able to go back, evaluate and make changes until the right
product has been developed



project will be split into smaller measurable tasks for accurate estimates of
time duration and the resources required to complete given tasks. The different tasks
will be assigned to different roles within the project team. It will also ensures work is
defined within the scope of the project and delivered on time with specific
work outputs or deliverables.








Project plan for the website replacement

To create a new website content information architecture that will ensure easy
navigation to key services

1 month

Design mock ups of primary website
Homepage layout
A section layouts
Page layouts
Search engine of the web site

e-commerce site development

To provide a consistent look within a unifying website theme

20 days

Food product catalogue
Website templates meeting ADA / 508 standards compliance
A configured Shopping basket
A defined Payment system for the electronic shop

Configure internal server

Migrate from external hosting to self

2 months

Installation of server operating
system and windows operating system
Networking and cabling the
terminals and printers
the web server
User acceptance testing
Load and design testing of online
e-commerce payment system

Website Installation

Install and configure website software on
Tony’s Chips server infrastructure

15 days

The connection between the
database and the content  publisher is tested
Setup the connection with the bank for transaction clearing
Integration of other e-services for online bill payment.

A website CMS software implementation
project plan

Create accurate and up to date website
content and links to outside resources.

3 days

Web social networking tools
incorporated such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Share plugin installed
Add Site links for site visitors
Content creation

System testing and delivery

To ensure the ordering process and the shopping basket are
working correctly

lasts 5 days

The final fine tuning and delivery of the system takes place.


















Chips web server will be hosted within the Microsoft server environment on
Microsoft 2012 server and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Tony’s Chips intends to
remain with Microsoft IIS for its web services, and an Active Directory to be used for providing
customers with usernames and passwords for authentication.

Internet Information Services


Chips will utilize Internet Information Services (IIS) which is a set
integrated Internet based services designed to run on Windows server operating
systems. Windows 2003 and above  comes
with FTP (File Transfer servers) servers 
that enables the transfer of files between computers that run different
operating systems. Internet Information Services (IIS) also comes with a SMTP (Simple
Mail Transfer Protocol) for email transmission across the Internet and
HTTP/HTTPS which are communication protocols between web sservers. E-mail and
web-hosting packages will help Tony’s Chips in marketing itself by sending mass email newsletters to
customers informing them of a price adjustments, or new product offerings (Kodali, 2007).


is a programming framework that
will be utilized on a Tony’s Chips server. ASP.NET is used for developing Web applications that
connect directly with backend  databases. Its Caching functionality stores frequently accesses
websites in memory thereby improving performance of the web
applications. It also ensures the websites are not slowed down by frequent visits.  The
catching feature will speed up the processing capacity required for hosting a rich content of photos, videos,
articles that can be accessible from any device.ASP.NET also uses a Common
Language Runtime (CLR) compiler which supports code written in multiple languages. More than 25 languages
are supported including VB.NET, C#, and Jscript.Net. A feature that allows ASP.NET to recover
automatically from memory leaks that cause website crashes and errors.


Chips will utilize MySQL database to capture all the backend customer information. The new Tony’s Chips website will capture
customer information through E-commerce shopping cart facilities, real time
payment solutions, subscriptions and other membership services. MySQLwhich is a relational
database management system is
appropriate for storing information in different tables,
rather than in one giant table. These tables are subsequently linked to each other, for easy access
and maintenance of records. The multithreaded functionality
in the MySQL database engine improves data access by splitting
and spreading tasks to multiple CPUs as if they were running simultaneously. This multi threading feature makes MySQL
fast, reliable and easy to use.




Chips self hosting plan will migrate the storage of its website’s files into a
server within the organization where they have a complete control over it. A new website will be designed from
scratch in order to include
other functionalities that the current website
cannot offer.

migration from the old website to the internal server an existing Website will be done Prior to all files and database structures being backed up from the old server using an appropriate FTP (File Transfer
Protocol). A username and password will be used for FTP access to the old host server, which will still be used as a cloud server to
hold the local database using a hybrid system.

new application server will be installed manually following the instructions given in
the Codex page on WordPress.org. Once
the contents of the new file have been extracted to
Tony’s Chips web server the installation scripts will be run in order to configure WordPress to
communicate with Tony’s Chips MySQL
backend database. The IP address to the old web server will then configured to
point to the new server a process that will take around 24 to 48 hours (Molnar, & Schechter, 2010).

the Website and Database

Chips MySQL database will be connected to its webpage using an Open Database
Connectivity (ODBC) driver.  ODBC uses an
application programming interface (API) in order to access a database. This
driver modifies a request from an application to makesure it conforms with the MySQL database syntax. It does so by processing ODBC function
calls, before submitting the SQL requests to the MySQL server. The results are then returned
back to the application which is subsequently displayed on a webpage.

When a user clicks on a
hyperlink or the submit button on a Web page form, a Web page is often used for the
requesting of information from the database. Static content typically includes text content while a more
specialized Dynamic content are
held in files such as images, videos, sound clips, or PDF documents.  A customer using Tony’s Chips website will be able to query the MySQL
database to display list of dishes offered in the restaurant just by utilizing the
search functionality. The customer might select one dish to be purchased and then submit the
input in order to process the
order. A
dynamic Web page is subsequently
generated to confirm the transaction. These dynamic web
pages are able to retrieve and display information from a backend database and
modify data records.



Chips has a database of subscribers that includes information such as Contact information and email addresses attached to each
subscription record. The new website will integrate with PayPal and credit card
processing systems. Manual updating of payment details will be processes for
cash and check payments. A higher design standard will
be required in order to maintain a high integrity of the
backend database.


Chips e-commerce platform will utilize the N-tier application architectures
because over three database tables will
be utilized in order to allow customers access to over 20 database functions. The
N-tier database architecture is often used in financial Web applications where security is an
important component. The three tier architecture will be suitable in an
intranet environment where all servers are located within Tony’s Chips private
network (Shklar,
& Rosen, 2009). 


three tier architecture consisting of one Application server.

Web Servers are used to return  HTTP request or resource content based on the
user’s request.


N- tier architecture consisting of two Application servers.

The N-tier architecture allows multiple instances of the same web pages to access one database. A feature that allows for
system functionalities to be divided into different segments called tiers
that can be physically located on separate computers. The advantage of this
architecture is that the middle tier and the web servers can be scaled to to
increase the number of clients who are able to access the database. Tony’s
Chips will allow
for the introduction of more servers
in different branches, thereby improving the scalability
of the system as part of organization’s
growth strategy.

middle tier adds  a level of security between the
internet and the backend database.
If the web server is
hacked, then the
application server will provide an abstraction to the MySQL database. A firewall
can be installed in this tier
thereby restricting access to the backend servers only through two ports 80 or 443. The presentation,
logic and data part of the system are separated from each other.



 A use case has been used to predict the
possible flow of events on
Tony’s Chips website. The use case
identifies different scenarios that might occur while a customer is using the
new Tony’s Chips website. The Tony’s Chips use case gives a short description
of the logical sequence of events that occurs when a customer tries to order a food item form the new website. It outlines the steps required to accomplish the particular task using the website (Sheldon, Jerath, & Pilskalns, 2002).


A typical order can
contain a bag of chips which is added to the shopping cart. Shopping Cart
Node of the website will invoke the order form when the customer tries to checkout. The order
form will then prompt the user to confirm if
they are ready to buy the items on the shopping cart. When the customer accepts
the offer to buy the bag of chips, he is then prompted to provide additional information such as payment methods, delivery options, the delivery address, delivery time and date. The process is only complete after all
these steps have been successfully

The Figure below shows the conceptual schema for Tony’s
Chips e-commerce store. It has a customer object class, shopping cart, fast
food menu
orders and other domains. When the customer lands on Tony’s Chips homepage they are first introduced to the restaurant video and
photo gallery. A visit the menu gallery
opens a list of restaurant dishes that can be ordered using
the shopping card node.

Diagram: Designing a Business process e-commerce platform








The diagram above
shows Tony’s Chips website navigational possibilities using arrows. The website
user is able to navigate from the Home Page Node to a food Menu Node or Shopping Cart
node and vice versa. The user can only access the shopping cart after being given login
details from the website administrator.

Each activity nodes are
represents a
respective graphical user interface that captures the user input for processing and is usually
executed using buttons, such as ok, commit, cancel, or next. These buttons
trigger and control the progress of the user towards the ordering process. (Schmid & Rossi,


basic layout of Tony’s Chips website will be created using Wireframes.
Sketching a wireframe will be the first step in designing Tony’s Chips home
page. The placement of the website content will be defined using the software
to demonstrate the basic functions of the website and navigational links. Wire
framing will also allow the designer to plan the layout and user interfaces
without the distractions of colors, media or typography of content.



other security measures such as firewalls Tony’s Chips will utilize the Word
Press plug-in called Bulletproof Security made by AITpro to stop hackers and
malicious code from reaching the PHP code. Manual weekly backups will be
adequate for creating copies of all files and database for recovery in case of
hosting failure, malicious attack or hardware damage.





Internet Server IBM system storage DS3524


hardware Cables, terminals, hubs etc


Setup & installation


Graphic designing Design


Windows server 20 2010For desktop


MySQL database software package


Unlimited Internet service for Data base

$200 per month



















Kodali, S. (2007). the design and implementation of an e-commerce
Site for online book sales (Doctoral dissertation, Indiana University South

Molnar, D., & Schechter, S. E. (2010, June). Self Hosting vs. Cloud
Hosting: Accounting for the Security Impact of Hosting in the Cloud. In WEIS.

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e-commerce system specification and implementation employing use-case diagrams,
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Shklar, L., & Rosen, R. (2009). Web application architecture
(pp. 268-330). John Wiley & Sons.





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