Technology has changed drastically over the past 100 years.  It has helped almost everybody in some way.

 Without this evolution of technology we could not have any of the transportation that we use daily.  We also would not have an Air Force because there would not be any airplanes.  Probably the most drastic changes in aircraft was from WW1 to WW2.  The world would be much different without planes.  There would not have been any atomic bomb droppings on Hiroshima or Nagasaki.  But there would also be a lot of people without jobs because of airport flights to take people from their hometown to the town that they work in.  All in all, without airplanes we could not have won WW2 and we would not be as connected with the world as we currently are. The birth of aircraft started with the Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, who successfully built and tested the first functioning aircraft in 1903.

 Not too far after the military started to build its own aircraft.  Soon after this they put the planes into full function in the military at the start of WW1.  Aircraft in the beginning of WW1 was not very crucial to the war, because it was only used for spying on the enemy. Planes at that time were not too practical because the maximum speed of a British fighter plane was only 72 mph in 1914.

Planes could easily spot what the enemy was planning or where they were moving which is why they were used more for spying than for fighting.  In the beginning of WW1 it still had a important part to play during the war. Airplanes were used to attack enemy bases without having to get too close. For example, the Zeppelin was very successful since it could carry many bombs.  In October 1915 the Germans came up with a machine gun mounted in the propeller, which caused a mass downing enemy aircraft, and also provided much needed defense to the gigantic blimp.  The other defense the Zeppelin used was the German fighter plane.  Also, the German fighter played an important role for Germany’s’ military, because the fighter was so effective the British had to escort their spy planes with at least three of the British fighter planes.

Aircraft was not only successfully used in air, but also for ground attacks. From 1916 on planes were involved in land attacks, with bigger bomb carriages which made them more useful in bombing and shooting enemy trenches.  In 1917 aircraft became effective against ships as well as factories, railway junctions and docks in Germany.  That shows the evolution of the planes over the course of just over a decade.Aircraft played a much more important role in WW2, then in WW1. The V-rocket was developed, a rocket containing its own bombs.

 The enemy suffered great losses since it was a rocket, the side using it had no losses at all. Also aircraft in WW2 discovered the underwater torpedo, which was very useful against submarines and U-boats especially at Pearl Harbor. The plane would drop a torpedo and it would enter the water in the direction the submarine causing great damage when it hit its target.  This shows the evolution of the bombs planes used throughout the two wars.  Now since planes were much faster and had a much higher bomb carriage, one side could attack the other with planes causing major damage without having to invade the country.

 It was a type of guerrilla warfare in the air.  During WW2 strategies were used such as strategic bombing, which only needed the use of aircraft to destroy the enemys factories, cities or air bases.  It was also known as bombing runs.

 Also since the planes then had just gotten radio, they could talk with each other and make better communications to cause more destruction against the enemy and less losses on the own side.Aircraft showed to be more useful than ships in WW2 . During the Pearl Harbour attack on December 7th 1941, the most damage was done by the first wave of Japanese planes, rather than the submarines or the ships.  The planes sank many battleships and other ships and destroyed a major part of the US aircraft stationed at this base.  The most damage done to the fleet and US aircraft at Pearl Harbor was done during the first 30 minutes of the attack when the first and second wave of aircrafts arrived.  Also, planes played a huge role in ending the war.

 If the Americans did not have fast planes with a big bomb carriage, the atomic bombs might have never been dropped, and if they have never been dropped America might have lost the war.  Aircraft played a extremely important role there, since they transported the atomic bombs.  The evolution of aircraft from the old Wright Brothers airplane to the modern F-35 Lightning is quite drastic in helping shape the world and the way we live.


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