Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes that has made the world different today. For example, it is an advancement that has impacted the world majorly today.

Some of these advancements have affected the world in good ways, but most have created a worse society. To add to this, some have even said that technology has lead to an easier life for humans. With the invention of technology in the world, it has controlled the daily lives of those who use it. To summarize this, technology has negatively impacted American society through the uses of cell phones, computers, and making those lazy.

Technology is leading the society of the world in the wrong direction because it’s making humans become dependent on it and becoming lazy with their everyday life with the use of cell phones. According to Davisson, ” Things change so fast we don’t have the time for the inclination or the ability to evaluate whether it was necessary” (Davisson 172). The point that Davisson is trying to get out is that technology is moving to fast for society and coming out with new inventions that are not necessary for humans to live their everyday life. For example, almost every year a new phone comes out that is unnecessary because it’s the same as the last phone with one different feature. Also, the generation has become so attached to cell phones that it is a distraction to their work.

For instance, Kimball says, “We find that technology improvements Meyer 2reduce the total hours worked within the year” (Kimball 1418). This statement provides the research that shows how technology makes people lazier and reduces the production of work that people work throughout their lives in one year. Many of them are too focused on their cell phones and technology to do their work or get involved in work. Furthermore, the uses of computers in education have impacted the way children learn these days. ¬†Some of these effects are good but never get the children truly involved in the learning activity. For example, Fan-Ray Kuo states, ” Interactive whiteboards allow instructors to show a variety of content maps in teaching and learning” (Kuo 274).

But with the new generation of technological advancement, it has caused students to learn less efficiently than if they used whiteboards. This includes those who use it because they become distracted during school lessons and make it their primary focus. According to Madeline Fox, ” In our society, the individual patient should make his own informed decision on how much technology is appropriate for him” (Fox 153). Even though this is a true statement, the individual patient will take advantage of the use of technology and will be distracted during their time in school. This takes place because the teacher can’t monitor the whole class when they are using computers to do a learning activity. This ties into the children’s integrity or whether they are working when no one is looking.

But in reality, technology has become part of most of the lives of humans in the world today, that many cannot live without it in their possession for at least one day. But on the contrary, it has become good for all the advancements that it has provided for those who have access to it. According to Gordon Betcherman, “Technology has made possible advances in civilization, eliminating many of the harsher aspects of life and permitting the Meyer 3creation of a progressively more comfortable and prosperous material existence” (Betcherman 1). For example, it allows humans in this world to have what they are looking for at the tap of a button Also it has given society access to things like the internet, taking photos mobily, and staying in contact with those who are close to you are who are longtime friends. Another opinion from Brooks states that ” Technology makes possible the production of existing goods and services with fewer input resources” (Brooks 115). Furthermore, this statement is saying that with the access to technology, it has become easier to make and transport goods without driving the extra mile. This gives a great use of technology to the working industry considering how far people have to drive to deliver things. Another supporter of technology is, Branscomb, who states that “Technology has brought us changes, most of which we should welcome than reject” (Branscomb).

In some cases, this should be true because not everything that technology has produced is a bad thing. Although it has become a must-have item with the rapid production of these advancements because everyone wants to have the new piece of technology that comes out. With these new advancements, it creates a way for the users to become lazier and buy the new product that they don’t even need to use. In conclusion, the use of technology in everyday lives has become a distraction to those that use it. It gives them an escape from the real world and makes them dependent on using it every second of their lives. It has turned the new generation of children who have grown up with it lazy and unwilling to work for things they need in life. Although it has created some good things in this world, it has negatively impacted the way that people live out their daily lives and how people act towards each other. ¬†


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