Technology, as we all know have a staying power. Technology have the power to affect our life, politics, economy, improve medicine,and even influence our culture. These advances in technology got us excited for the future this year and include things like self-driving cars, buying of bitcoins, robot-wars, sending humans on a trip to space and many more. Some of these are booming now while others are in infancy and will take a decade or more to develop. But getting to know these technologies is benificial and you should know about all of them right now.Playing with your faceAlthough facial recognition and detection was prevalent in the past and has existed for a decade but Apple’s Futuristic Phone – iPhone X made face detection popular and a thing of masses just like what Steve Jobs did in 2007 buy launching the iPhone.

Facial recognition beside unlocking your new iPhone X can also serve others like identifying criminals, confirming identities and much more. Startups like Face++, Baidu and Hyperlayer are working on more applications for the technology. There lies a distant future ahead where face would serve the purpose of name and identification now. Self-Driving carsThe self-driving car is here in 2017. The talks of having driverless vehicles on  road have been echoing from many past years but this is the year when promise of self-driving prowess began to come due. It was on Nov 7 – that Waymo(a subsidiary of Google Inc) announced to begin testing a fully driverless on public roads. Audi – the luxurious car maker revealed its new A8, with affirmations that Audi A8 is competent of driving all by itself at speeds of upto 37mph.

Many big players – Uber, Tesla, Ford, Honda etc. are eying for the future of autonomous cars.Regardless of commenting on official reality of driverless cars in 2017, what’s clear is that work on the technology accelerated in 2017 and can expect the testing activity to accelerate more in 2018.Quantum ComputersThe need and greed for more power in terms of fast computations and more scalability, reasons to the term Quantum Computing. A Quantum Computer instead of representing bits – 0 or 1; focuses on qubits. Qubits are to quantum computers as bits is to binary computer. These Qubits can take on the value 0,1 or both simultaneously, thus holding more storage for one value and ultimately possessing greater power.

Quantum computers can make the world a better place by helping medicinal research, disease detections, accurate weather forecasting, discovering distant planets and more.Some of the great tech companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft and Intel have been working to make Quantum Computers a reality.Travelling becomes superfastHyperloop One – a brain child of Elon Musk aka real world Iron Man, on first full system test reached a speed of 190 miles per hour. That was a one step closer to near-supersonic speed on land transport this year. What’s more exciting is the entry of Hyperloop Project in India.

India’s first hyperloop project between Vijayawada to Amaravati will be a reality by 2020-21 and will take only 5 minutes to commute between the cities. Now it take 12 hours to commute between the cities by road. And the cost of building Hyperloop is half the cost of bullet trains.Who knows, Hyperloop:’Faster, cheaper and cleaner’ may be the future of transport.Virtual & Augmented Reality takes a big leap forwardWith powerful new hardware devices, advanced sensor technologies and development APIs many new possibilities are unlocked in the realm of Augmented and Virtual Reality. The latest round of iPhone products only helped to boost the things up.These immersive technologies presents a whole new set of opportunities by blurring the lines between consumers screen and the physical world around them. Among all the current innovations, the one that stoles the show is that of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The magic box of AR/VR have something for everyone and for every age, be it gamers, marketing people, doctors, architects, designers, retailers and even for a 1 year old baby or a 80 year old lady. The world of AR and VR encompasses all.The year of AIArtificial Intelligence a field with tall history is still readily and intensely growing, changing and progressing. Artificial Intelligence which have been the hype of year and even engaged a debate war between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg marks significant improvement in speed, accuracy, applications and earnest concerns.

Artificial Intelligence have got the power to influence every part of society be it our homes, food, driving, playing etc. From Siri to self-driving cars, every new tech is powered by AI. But  Artificial Intelligence being so much powerful have been also criticized. Elon Musk warns about AI quoting the following statement: “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization”. The renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking too warned that robots could one day wipe out humanity, quoting: “I fear that AI may replace humans altogether.”Being so much popular 2017 have also been termed as: The year AI took over.Bitcoin made me rich – Money 2.

0A game changing currency that came out of nowhere and rose up on the charts of Wall Street was the best thing that happened in 2017. Bitcoin a part of big underlying technology known as Blockchain is an undeniable ingenious invention that allows decentralized distribution of digital information systematically to maintain a database to be used for recording transactions. Not only Bitcoin but many other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash are based on blockchain. Blockchain best know for these cryptocurrencies is much more than these instruments of finance. Blockchain can solve other problems like preventing voter frauds, improving government efficiency, providing digital identity, decentralized notary and many more.But 2017 saw mixed responses for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with the government constantly relaying threatening messages and Bitcoin drastically increasing its  trading volume.

However, the biggest winner of the year was Bitcoin’s underlying Blockchain technology. Blockchain got many disciples this year across all sectors in the country, in industry and in government.


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