Technology has become an integral part of life, wherein it is now used in every area, most especially in an educational classroom setting (Akgunduz et. al., 2016).  In addition, the use of technology in education indicates development (Biranvand, 2014). That is why our government now strives to improve the quality of education through the development of online learning, which is now evident in our country.  In the study of Maria Anna N.

Batayan conducted last 2007, she discussed the history of online learning in our country. In her study, she stated that the University of the Philippines is the first school to give a formal education in a non-traditional format, which was started in February 23, 1995. Moreover, De La Salle University is the second school to be granted the license to use Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE), which was used for learning via virtual discussions. Lastly, she discussed the Cyber Ed Project, which is a program of DepEd that uses satellite technology to deliver educational services to elementary and secondary students of public school in the country. To sum it up, our country is already capable of supporting online learning but it still needs improvement.According to Arimbuyutan et. al. (2007), the prime advocates who integrate the use of E-learning are the prominent universities in our country like the University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University.

These universities offer some form of online courses while others creates their own program. In addition, they stated that E-learning in our country is still in the embryonic stage because of its relatively new concept. Therefore, our country still needs to develop the concept of e-learning.Based on the studies stated above, the adaptation of online learning is now present in the Philippines, wherein it can now be seen for most of our universities. In addition, it serves as a good foundation in education. However, there is still a need for further enhancement to be more accessible for us.



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